three things thursday

This week's Thursday things is featuring some serious blogger love!

1. Lauren over at Failed Muffins sent me an email earlier this week asking me if she could interview me for her blogger highlight series.  The opportunity to babble to a totally new audience?  Hecko yes!  I think Lauren and I started stalking each other's blogs right about the same time, and she's super good fun people.  Check her out.

2. A few weeks ago, Brittany put something up on twitter about going to back-to-back spinning classes.  I love new things that make me want to puke & die, so I asked her if I could tag along one week.  We were supposed to go last night, and we ended up postponing until next week due to no space being left in the class, but I wanted to highlight her anyway because she is a kickass chick who just finished her first 50-miler.

3. And today, I'm really excited to be going on a bike ride with Heather, who has inspired me in a real way to bust out of my tired of eating habits and try a ton of new things in my diet (the food pyramid is not just bread & cheese?  SAY WHAT NOW?).   She also ran her first marathon last spring after training through some pretty ridiculous weather here in DC!

These are just three of the many bloggers who provide daily inspiration to me to run, bike, swim, and eat in a way that makes me a healthier and happier person.  


  1. I, too, love new things that make me want to puke & die—which is probably why I enjoy reading about your adventures in finding new puketastic activities so much. Can't wait to hear about your double-spin torture session!

  2. Uh, hello? What about my shout-out, sheesh! J/K! I'm like the only one who comments! J/K, really, really I kid!!!

    Anyway, I love the idea of a back-to-back spin class - anything that makes you want to hate yourself after while also sweating is - awesome!

  3. Love this!! thank you so much for the shoutout! I feel the lurrve.

    Again, SO sorry about tonight! We *will* reschedule for a day/morning/evening that works with your sched next week :)

  4. SPEAKING of awesome bike rides/your schedule next week - howabout Monday - its supposed to be cooler and no chance of storms!

  5. yayyy! so excited to kick-off the highlighted bloggers with you! AND jealous of your blogger/twitter meetups.

    (you know, i do own a clunky bike, but it goes "scritch screetch eeek eeek scritch" as i ride it. sigh.)


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