running update

This is a blog about running, right?

I had a cortisone shot last Monday.  Dr. P said not to run until Friday.  After talking with him, I'm changing my running strategy.  Before, I was rocking the walk/run.  Now, I'm gonna rock the run/stop.  On Friday, I got a treadmill, walked for 2 minutes, ran a 9:20 mile, then walked for 2 minutes.  That's it, peace out, end of story.  I spent the weekend cycling.  Yesterday morning I had a sports massage, and my dude really focused on my IT bands - re: tried his hardest to hurt me while I chattered away.  Everything felt pretty stretched out, so I decided to do another test run (HA!  I punned!).  I spent an hour or so lifting, and then hopped on a treadmill.  Walked for 2 minutes, ran 1.25 at 9:12 pace, walked for 2 minutes.  

I think this is going to be a good strategy for now.  I've been following a walk/run plan since I got hurt 3 months ago, so I know I have the running in my legs.  I'm just starting to change my focus to one long stretch of moderately easy running.  I'm probably going to do yesterday's run 2-3 more times before extending the distance at all.  This is far less total distance than I was doing in the walk/run, so I'm hoping it won't irritate the IT, and I'll do gradual increases (I will, I swear).  

Of course this is all just another desperate ploy to avoid having surgery, but I'm really hoping it'll take.  The two runs I've done have been pain-free, although the second one had a little tightness.  It might take me 2 months to work back up to a 5K, but I'd much rather do that then go under the knife.  And now that I have a shiny new bike to distract me, it's easier to be patient with the running.

FIngers crossed, people.


  1. I think you have a good attitude and good approach. I'm with you--anything to avoid knife! And cortisone shots hurt, don't they?

  2. Wow, you are committed! Hahaha! In more ways than one! (sorry, couldn't resist!)
    Glad they were pain-free though!!! How's the lip and the butt crack??

  3. Glad the mile went ok! Hope it keeps going well and that the bike helps you to keep taking it slowly!


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