random friday facts

Random Friday facts are back!  This week, (mostly) starring little Katie!!

1. I was the biggest nerd ever in school.  In the 5th grade, I got sent to the principal's office for reading books under my desk instead of paying attention.  My teacher called my mom up, really pissed, because I still got A's but ignored classes. 
No, you don't win this.  BIGGEST NERD.
That's me on the right.  Check out my shades.

2. It didn't get better in high school, but I found a bunch of other awesome nerds to be friends with, at least.  

3. I got the mumps in 2005.  I was working at a low-income (re: no vaccination) school and somehow caught it from a kid, despite the fact that I had been vaccinated.  
This made my doctor's week.

4. I can read really fast.  Like, really really fast.  This is bad when packing for vacation.

5. I wasn't an athlete in middle school or high school.  I spent a season on the softball team here, a season on the tennis team here, but what I liked the most was missing class to leave for games.  What I liked the least was being sweaty.

6. I don't know why I started running.  Lots of people have "this is how I became a runner" stories.  I know why I run, but I don't know why I started.  I just know that it changed my life.

7. I have never wanted to have children.  There have been times in my life where I've thought about what it would be like.  I understand why other people want to have children, and I respect that, but I've never wanted any.  

8. All 4 of my grandparents are still alive and in great health.  This is such a blessing, but I am terrified of the day when I lose them.  I've started going home more and more often because of this.

9. I have very agile toes.  I can pick almost anything up off the floor with them.  

10. I just found this!  My first bike ride!

11. My parents really liked to travel when we were little kids.  Now that I'm older, I feel lucky, but when I was little, I hated being stuck in the back seat for so long.
We climbed Mount Washington.
We went to Disney World.
We spent a lot of time at the beach.
We went to Paris.

12. I hate having my picture taken.  I am not very photogenic and there's always something sticking out, or my eyes look weird, or my mouth is open.  I also feel like I never look good.  I'm the funny, smart one, not the pretty one.

13. My sister and I are complete opposites.  She's Prada, I'm C9 by Target.

14. I don't like fish, except shrimp.  I once saw my mom cut open a lobster to have a billion eggs fall out, and it ruined me for life.

15. Baseball is basically the reason I became a band director.  When I was in 5th grade, I was thinking about quitting band, but the MS band director came over and said that the middle school band plays at Phillies opening day every year.  WHAT!  So I stayed in.  WTG on the marketing to your audience, Mr. Cain!

16. I love love love trashy karaoke and $2 pitchers.  Just try and tear that microphone outta my drunk paws.

18. My parents and grandparents all have green thumbs.  My parents live in a gigantous house and do all their own landscaping and gardening.  I can't keep basil alive.

19. I have only 3 cousins, and I don't really keep in touch with them, but sometimes I wish we were closer.

20. My Grandma has been, at times, the only one I feel like is in my corner.  I love her.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I had those beach chairs! All the rage in SE PA in the 80s I guess ;) And I used to read under my desk, but I never got in trouble for it. I didn't have the glasses (then), but I'll give you a run for your nerd money any day.

  2. LOVE IT! yay Byron sister cameos! :)

    ps: Alliy and I are going to watch movies and eat pizza on June 30th when she is here. Throwing an invite your way.

  3. ps: my nerd quotient was also through the roof.

  4. There is NOTHING wrong with C9 from target. it's downright classy, if you ask me ;)

    happy friday!!

  5. oh, hell yeah! marching band rocks! being a band dork was my favorite thing about high school.

  6. But you were a cute nerd! I get the not wanting to have kids thing...I was there for SO long. Didn't have my first until I was 35. Now I know I would have missed out terribly without them, but still understand folks who don't want to go down that road.

  7. Those pictures are PRICELESS!! And yes, you were a nerd - band geek sealed the deal on that one!
    I'm a little bit Prada and a little bit C9 - I know when to spend the big bucks and when to hold on to it! LOL!
    This was great - you crack me up! Oh, and I can read pretty fast too, probably not as fast as you, but I can hold my own :)

  8. Great pictures!!! I feel like I'm becoming best friends with you by reading your blog. You may be a nerd, but in my book you are one of the coolest people ever.

  9. Wow who's that hottie with you at camp?? :) And NO KIDS! I'm with ya!

  10. Awesome pictures! I loved this post.


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