three things thursday

1. I had an amaaazzzzing swim yesterday, and it was exactly what my body needed.  I was still tight and stiff everywhere from my last two leg workouts, so I skipped bike/legs day and went to the pool.  I spent most of the time swimming working on my 5-stroke breathing, which I completely suck at, because I can't breathe over my right shoulder without sucking in a lungful of water through my nose and then spending the next 10 strokes horking and snarking water everywhere like a pig in mud while creating a giant traffic jam.  By the time I finished, though, it was much better - I'm still lifting my head too high out of the water on that side instead of turning, but at least I'm breathing in air only.  I also did 2 sprint sets - a ladder and then 8x25yds - and was pleased with both how good I felt and my time on the 25's.  My shoulder didn't really bother me at all, and I think I'm moving from "recovery" to "rebuild."  I've also decided to stay in the "slow" lane whenever I can, because the people there are generally more willing to share and a lot less irritated about the little things ("did you know that your kickboard was TOUCHING MY FLIP-FLOP?!").

2. A year from now, no matter what I decide (dual degree or no), I will be done with school.  DONE.

3. The headliner event: I ATE TOFU!  No, just kidding.  Last night I was part of a tweetup of DC runners/twitterers and had a blast.  It's hard to just go off and meet a bunch of new people, because there's always that chance they will be really dull and you'll have to stab yourself in the eye with a fork so the ambulance will take you away instead of waiting all the way through dinner nodding and grinning like a Kewpie doll before you can gracefully excuse yourself/run screaming from the restaurant.  Thankfully, last night was the opposite of that (at least for me!).  I LOVE RUNNERS, and had a blast.  Can't wait for the next time!
This picture I shamelessly stole from Kirstin's twitter.  Her blackberry takes amazing pictures.
Also, I never knew my nose looked like that. 
You had a choice between really blurry and extra blurry.
@ultrarunnergirl, @thisamazingday (me, dope), Katie (Liz's sister who I do not yet stalk on Twitter), @lizard151, @BeeZales, @DCRunnergrrl, @heatherdcRD

Happy Thursday, everyone!  
Tomorrow: I Suddenly Realize It Is Not May Anymore


  1. It's so great to hear you are enjoying swimming. I am really just getting started and it's frustrating to not be good at something immediately. I'm impatient:)

    What a FUN evening!! It's great to get a good group like that together. And Blackberry pic, for the win!

  2. I had a great time too. We'll have to do it again!

  3. HA - I'm really glad your fork stayed on the table, and picked at the Tofu instead of your eye. Just sayin'.

    We definitely need round 2, with better "group" pics! Mine were super blurry too, uh? But that pic of you gals in the restaurant is way cute. :)


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