random friday facts

1. Good news: as of yesterday, I've managed to vacate 25lb of doritoes and Miller Lite off my bod since December (being injured sucks).  Bad news: lady funbags still the same size.  GRR.

2. Tabs open in my Safari window all day: Yahoo inbox, Facebook, Gmail inbox, Google Cal, b-school site, dailymile, and Google Reader.  Sometimes I close Google Reader when I need to get actual work done.  

3. When I was little, my favorite color was purple.  I had purple carpet in my bedroom.

4. I check my bank account online almost every day.  

5. I believe my dog will never die.  I have to.

6. I didn't like pb&j until I was 29.  Until then, peanut butter only.

7. I like Pages better than Word, but Excel better than Numbers.

8. I spend a lot of time while lifting looking at how my ass looks in the mirror.

9. I hate it when people talk to me in stores.  I generally hate shopping in stores.

10. I really really REALLY REALLY hate it when people interrupt other people that are talking, even if it's not me.

11. I cuss a lot.

12. I like making people laugh.  I have a really rough time with conversations about emotion or feelings.

13. I have not yet discovered how much money I need to have saved to feel safe.

14. Lately I've been thinking about doing a major renovation on my house.  I have no idea where to start, but really like the idea of the completed project.  I really hate the idea of living through renovation.

15. I wish I had been able to work less and spend time with friends more in college.

16. I have a really sensitive nose and hate bad smells.

17. I get random bruises a lot and can never remember how I got them.  Right now I have a really bad one on my left bicep (no idea), ouchie one on my right forearm (leaning too hard in spinning class?), a long series on my right hip/thigh (sports massage), a really bad one on my left shin (no idea, but possibly walking into the chest at the foot of the bed).

18. I talk in my sleep, and sleep walk.  In my life, I have taken showers, tried to climb out windows, slammed doors, folded laundry, and reorganized the pantry in my sleep.

19. Whatever body ph is needed to attract bugs, I have it.  I weeded the front beds for 10 minutes last week and got almost 30 bites.  Several through the stretchy yoga pants I was wearing.

20. I feel healthier when I am tan.  I know this is not true.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I check my bank account online everyday! Even Sundays ;)
    I cuss a lot, too! But amazingly, a fliter gets turned on automatically with certain peeps, i.e. parents, little kiddos, most work peeps.
    I have a VERY sensitive nose! And smells often take me back to places really quickly - I associate things with their smell all the time!
    And, I cannot imagine life without my Lilly. Infact, I kick myself for getting so wrapped up in her - I don't know what I do when she is gone!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. These are great! I love it when bloggers post random facts. I'm a bruiser too. Hubs will ask where I got a particular bruise and I'm like, "I dunno" You think I'd remember!

  3. Something you might like if you don't already follow him on Twitter... Sleep Talking Man.

    Bugbites -- me too! Tan -- me too! (Too bad I will likely get skin cancer even though I use SPF 50.) And cussing? Like a sailor. HAPPY FRIDAY!

  4. i used to love purple as a kid! i expressed it by insisting that i have a beautiful purple bike. then there was a purple drought in my life, but recently i've been flooded with a renewal of my obsession. strange how favorites can come and go at will....

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  6. Great job on the weight loss!! Love the other random facts.


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