dog park & tofu

What a great summer weekend.

Friday afternoon I played hooky.  We took G to a dog park nearby that has access to a little river, where the dogs can splash and run and generally make a mess.  G had no idea what to do.
 I'm scared.
 Look, Mama, I can swim!

It was great for G to do some socializing with other pups - this was his first trip to the dog park!  We put him in the far back of the car on the way home, but he really didn't like it there....
 I want to sit in the front with YOU GUYS!
Here I come!

After we hosed him down, we went to see Toy Story 3.  It was really cute, but I'm not sure the 3D was worth it.  Plus we missed a bunch of good previews by seeing the 3D version.  Boo!

Saturday morning I got up early for a ride, and had just enough time to squeeze in 20 miles before I had to get dressed and pick up a friend - for a baby shower!  It was a great afternoon.
College buddies!

Sunday morning I had planned a 40-50 mile ride.  I woke up around 6:30, hoping to beat the heat and humidity.  Nope.  My stomach was bothering me, so I didn't get out of the house until almost 8am, and by then, it was already well into the 80's and muggy.  I headed out to the MV trail and was surprised to find it almost completely empty - usually at this time it is packed with runners, walkers, and cyclists.  I didn't see a single runner, and only saw 2 other cyclists.  I headed north on the trail, but bailed out in Crystal City and circled back home.  The humidity was really oppressive, and my legs were exhausted from: spinning class on Wed, cycling on Thurs, lifting on Friday, and cycling on Saturday.  When I got back home, I officially declared it a day off and went back to bed.  I continued my "day off" mentality by having pasta for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon, and then made a new recipe for dinner - balsamic-honey grilled tofu, grilled romaine, and peas.
I had a little more luck keeping the tofu intact this time around.

I think I had the heat on the grill too high, as the tofu was crispy on the outside, but still pretty mushy on the inside.  The recipe also said to try it baked, so I might do that next.  I finished off my night with another mugful of ice cream and a solid night sleep.  

How was your weekend?  


  1. Where is that dog park? I don't think there is anything cuter than dogs swimming. It sounds like you definitely needed the rest on Sunday after all that cycling all week! Also it seems like your bike was a great purchase with all the use you are getting out of it

  2. I'm impressed with your tofu experimentation! I bet this was a great marinade, too. Congrats on the successful tofu experiments, the long ride in the heat, and (belatedly) the incredible weight loss. You're on a roll, lady!

  3. I took Lilly to dogpark on Saturday! She LOVES dogpark - sadly our's does not have a nice river running through :(
    Very nice weekend, went to the baseball game with my whole big fam where I drank too many beers, ate too many peanuts and sat in the sun way too long! But it was perfect!
    Happy Monday!

  4. it might have been mushy on the outside, but that tofu looks DELISH. i love tofu. yum yum yum. thank goodness you avoided a "tofu-shaped mushroom cloud" due to scary grilling. :-) haha.

    also - PRETTY DRESS. i lived in spandex all weekend. sigh. and DC humidity? not something i miss....

  5. The pics of him climbing over that seat are toooo cute! He loves you guys ;)

    Uh, that Tofu recipe sounds DELICIOUS! Marinade ingredients??


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