wait, when did may end? is it june?

So, instead of doing random fact Friday, I realized that May ended.  wtf?  When did that happen?  Stupid calendar.  Let's see how I did......

May Goals
Run 1 race, no longer than a 5K Nope, couldn't even do this.
Stop eating 2 Luna Bars & a banana and calling it lunch I'm getting better, although now the Luna bars are attacking my breakfast.  But lunchtime pb&j is my new boyfriend.
Get back in the pool YES!  Yes!  I swam...umm...4 times, each one much better than the last.
Find a new way to get more protein and less carbs in my diet (i.e. bread and cheese is not a food pyramid) I think I did much better at this, although "less carbs" was a much bigger success than "more protein."  I'm a work-in-progress.
Stay on the bike longer than 40 minutes (see: sleeping ass) DailyMile reports I had one 45 minute ride, and one 55 minute spin class.  Win.
Increase the weight I am lifting in every exercise I looked through my DM workouts - I did this, except for 1-2 shoulder-related exercises, but I've also added quite a few to arms day.  Still in recovery, but getting stronger.
Add 1 fruit/veggie to every day (goal per day: 2) This one is a definite success overall.  Many days I'm sure I had 4-5 servings of fruits/veggies, and I've added a bunch of new veggies into my cooking rotation (peppers, spinach).
Continue to fight the IT band by doing core/hip work 5x a week; lifting 3x a week; squats, theraband, and stretching every day  I think I've managed to do hip/core workouts every day, and lifting 5x-6x a week.  But the IT band is winning.
Keep thinking about buying a bike (not quite ready for this level of commitment yet) I'm ready to buy!  I'm going tomorrow!

This month wasn't nearly as rough as April, but I've made zero progress on the IT band front.  I'm definitely another month stronger, and still dropping pounds here and there, but my running has gone nowhere.  This is depressing, but also helping me to be decisive about what to do next.  I love the amount of strength-training that's now in my life, though, and (I've said this before) that's the blessing from this.  I also probably wouldn't be back in the pool or two credit-card-swipes away from buying a bike if I hadn't been injured.  I would have stayed singularly focused on running, and I'd probably be 1-2 weeks into a fall marathon training program.  My body feels a lot healthier than I remember it feeling all winter, with many less running-related aches and pains (other than the IT, obv.).  The result?  Being injured has made me a healthier, stronger, and more well-rounded athlete.  

I've also continued re-evaluating my diet and making small changes.  I'm still having the problem of not feeling hungry all day and barely eating, and then mowing down everything in sight after 6pm.  I'm trying to get better about having a bigger lunch (instead of just a sandwich) and a snack in the afternoon.  I'm continuing to work on the protein thing, but I think the carbs part of my diet is much more balanced.  I'm also trying to not completely obsess over numbers and points and pyramids, but instead eat the things I need to fuel my body.  

Miles run: 35, and again, I fought for every single one.
Miles cycled/swam: 129 - wowza!
New veggies eaten: 3?
Number of times I listened to "Bleed It Out" while on a treadmill: 17
Number of times I was possibly hit on at the gym: 3
Road trips with the puppy: 1
Rest days: 4
Vomiting induced by speed work: 1 (hurrah!!)
Minutes spent hoping my butt would stop hurting after spinning: 253
Pounds lost: this would require weighing myself.  I'm going to guess around 4.
Pants purchased in a new (smaller) size: 1

So May was a reasonable success.  I'm cautious about June until after I've seen my ortho on Monday, so here are some tentative goals.

June Goals
Buy the bike.  Ride it a lot.  Hopefully with people.  Don't die.
Work my way back up to 2500-3500 yards in the pool, including that nasty 1000-yard sprint set.  
Buy and then cook tofu.  Don't be scared.
Run a race.  Even if it takes twice as long as my PR at that distance because I have to walk every 4 minutes.
Keep working on my abs.  They're in there somewhere.
Keep adding variety to my workouts.

What are your goals for June?


  1. 1) If you want a yummy tofu recipe, I have one for you. Also tofu cooking tips.
    2) Goals for June = weight-training at least twice a week & cutting down on sugary baked goods.
    3) Congrats on the smaller sized pants! I don't weigh myself either.

  2. Love the adventurous TOFU goal! you will not die, I promise! (from that, nor from your bike)

    There's a 10K in Georgetown on Saturday morning :) just sayin...
    I also saw that Potomac River Running has a 4 mile or 1 mile race in two weeks? I forget the details, but that'd be a good first-race-back, too!


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