a great DC weekend!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I had a great - but sweaty - weekend here in 112* heat-index DC.  How was your weekend?

Friday night I took another shot at the peanut tofu recipe from Lauren.  I did the tofu in slabs instead of cubes, and it held together much better!  I also managed not to burn it, so a big win on my cooking skills.
 We ended up not pre-mixing and doing a choose-your-own-vegatable adventure.  
There's tofu in there, I promise.

Saturday morning I got up early and went up into DC to meet Kirstin for a bike ride.  We had originally planned on biking out to a brewfest in Leesburg, but decided that 8 zillion degrees was just a tad too hot to be on the very exposed W&OD trail, especially when we were going to follow it with drinking beer all day in the sun.  Instead, we did a DC ride, most of which was new to me - awesome!  We started out on the Rock Creek parkway & did a few loops - somehow we ended up in Maryland, then somehow ended up back where we started (I was just following, my internal map had no idea where we were).  It was a great, shady ride!  After Rock Creek, we headed down into DC, rode out and around Haines Point, up past the Washington Monument, through the city down to Georgetown, a few miles up the Capital Crescent Trail, then back to the waterfront for a breezy brunch!
It's getting hot!
Deeelicious mangoritas!

We parted ways after brunch and I headed back down the MV trail home - whew!!  It was around noon and there was no shade - the thermometer on my bike said it was 98* for most of the ride.  That last 8-9 miles really zonked me.  But it was a great ride and I can't wait until we do it again!

I had time for a quick power nap, and then we headed out to Annapolis with G to meet Faith - the puppy we were hoping would join our family.  Faith was really sweet but G was kind of freaked out - not sure what it was exactly, but we decided not to bring her home with us, which made for a sad and quiet ride home.

Saturday night's plans were foiled by a team member in one of my classes....grrr.  I got up early Sunday morning, though, and took G to the dog park with some other pups he knows.  He did a lot more swimming this time, and had a great time with the other dogs.  He was less than pleased about being hosed off when we got back home.
I went swimming, Mama.

Sunday brought a lot of cleaning, housework, laundry, and another successful run!  I got back in the gym and lifted for the first time since last Wednesday, as well.  The run felt great - as usual, some tightness near the end, but still no pain, so I'll take it.

Total: 2/17:58/avg. pace 8:59 (plus 2 minutes of walking on either side).

I've got a busy week ahead, including bike rides with some blogger friends, a sports massage, and my best girl coming into town on her way back to Georgia.  

Tons of congrats to all the folks that were racing this weekend - it was a hot one to be out there!!


  1. Sounds like a great ride! I used to ride a lot of really long rides in this heat...I seriously think there is nothing better than the shower after those hot sticky rides! Glad you got the run in successfully too.

  2. You are hardcore! Riding a crazy long run, drinking a mangorita then getting back on the bike! LOL! I would have drunk crashed! Hahaha!
    So sad Faith didn't come home with you, but you'll know when the time is right. Either that or G knows how to stay #1 - smart little dude!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Another fun DC ride for you & the bici! Good stuff :) hopefully that trend will continue tomorrow...

  4. oh GUH... DC heat is the woooorst. stifling! yay glad you're still liking this tofu recipe! i have another you might like....and have you tried quinoa? it's a super grain and has a ton of protein.


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