double monday post = google reader ASPLODE!!!

I'm still taking input from all yins, but I'm also home from the ortho and - I think - at peace.

Dr. P called me his "bad penny" when he walked in.  Awww, it hurts a little!  He was super pleased about my shoulder recovery and was surprised to hear where I'm at in the pool (for those of you joining us late, I do have other body parts), so I was glad to have something positive to report.  I explained everything ITB-related to him, including my last two runs designated "seriously?!"  His solution?  He put the prescription for my surgery in my file, so at ANY MOMENT I can just call up & schedule it - no more dithering around appointments necessary.  He told me to give it a few weeks to shake out any chance of this being a fluke, but if I've had two decent runs, I just might be on the tippy top of the yellow recovery brick road.  

He offered to give me another cortisone shot, the point of which is to hopefully help it over the last little ouchie hump, and I took it.  He said: run Friday.  Give it a few more weeks.  Keep doing everything you're doing.  And my own prescription: healing and peaceful thoughts, directed right down that leg.

This feels like the right thing to do.  I felt light and happy driving home.  


  1. I had an arthrogram/cortisone shot in the labrum for my own bum hip in Florida a few years ago. My hip started feeling better shortly after. When I asked my doctor if the shot worked, he said it may have been the shot, or the therapy, or the rest, or the swimming, or just luck, but that the outcome is the important part. Cheers to a great (so far!) outcome!

  2. Fingers crossed that you are on the mend!

  3. Hmmm, I think you made a wise choice. Life is too short to mess around with such things - you're a runner and we got to get you back out there!
    So, a few weeks of recovery and we will know - keeping my fingers, toes and all other body parts that are cross worthy for ya!

  4. Just catching up on all the posts from when I was out of town. I hope that you're able to continue to run pain-free. I know it's been a long journey for you and I hope that you continue to heal!


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