three things thursday

1. Last week at PT was a hot mess.  I was tight and hurting and we spent 40 minutes releasing things and then trying to realign me, unsuccessfully.  I left still out.  My PT said it might have been that I was still tight from the heavy weight lifting I had done that morning, and sent me home to heat and try again.  That worked.  He also told me that maybe some of the ligaments were loose from constantly realigning myself, and to NOT put myself back in alignment unless the pain was pretty unbearable.  

So I went out, and back in on Thursday.  I made it until Saturday night before I couldn't stand it, and then Sunday night, and that's it until I got to PT yesterday.  I could tell that I had been out for a few days because my SI joint was aching, but it wasn't unbearable.  So we talked, and he had two new theories.  He asked me when the last time I had any x-rays or MRIs done was, and I told him March.  His first theory is that I have a degenerative disc in my lower back which is likely related to the start of arthritis.  I completely and totally refuse to accept this diagnosis.  I will plump up my disc using only willpower if I have to, but there's just no way.  He didn't seem totally convinced that this could be it, either, and kind of abandoned talking about it once I proceeded to freak out.

After he worked on me for a while, he presented his other, much more acceptable, theory, which is that as we traced backwards from my tight piriformis to find the source of the problem, we still haven't gone back far enough.  He thinks that my adductors are actually causing the problem - my left adductor is pulling on my pubic bone, to be exact - and when he said this, a few things thunked into place in my brain, the first of which being the massage I had that kicked off this mess in March.  When Stephanie worked on me that day and was cataloguing the many things wrong with my body, she mentioned that my adductors had a "death grip" on my leg.  The second thing was the gait analysis I had two weeks ago, where Dr. Maggs told me that I was crossing the midline with my stride, which is the result of tight adductors.  

So, I'm really not a fan of the "pick and choose" school of diagnostic medicine, but as much as I'd love to go and visit my sexy piece of orthopedist, the second theory makes much more sense to me (not a doctor).  After some lifting and me showing him my wobbly lunges and side squats, he was more convinced as well (my evil plan is working).  He Graston'd both adductors again yesterday and gave me yet another new exercise to put in the rotation and sent me home.  

2. I had planned to go up and ride the Poconos course this weekend and then cheer on the CAR blog mafia at the Steelman Triathlon.  However, a bunch of whiny bitches on the FB page are indicating that two of the roads on the course are under construction, so I've decided to nix that idea and ride hills around here instead.  Hills are hills, right?  Somehow through all of this, I ended up being forced getting talked in deciding to do the triathlon on Sunday as well.  The last sprint I did was actually the first triathlon I ever did, and I'm secretly a bit excited.  I don't have to set a timer to eat on the bike?  I only have to run a 5K?  I don't need to wear a wetsuit?  Bizarre.  I'm not really adjusting my training at all except for deciding not to brick tomorrow after my long ride, but I'm interested to see what I can do even on tired legs.  And after about 6 flat tires in 2 weeks, well, I'd ride on my rims if I have to but I am not changing another effing flat.

3. I've got quite a few long ride nutrition experiments lined up over the next few weeks.  I'm going to play around with taking in most of my calories on the bike in the form of liquid instead of solids.  My stomach problems at Kinetic in the spring were likely related to quite a few factors, but I'm hoping that if I start with solids and end with liquids, I'll have a better life on the run.  I went to Bonzai and bought about 12 different kinds of single-serving samples to try out.  Hopefully none of them give me the OSIHTPs!  (That's the "Oh Shit I Have To Poop"s!).  I think the DC metro area has seen enough of my naked ass for one season.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Dude, the adductor sounds good. Almost too logical.

  2. I like the adductor piece. Lets put an end to all this alignment/injury nonsense, yes???

  3. 1. Your PT updates make my head spin.
    2. Please do not flat in the race, I would be scared for the lives of people around you.
    3. You linked "naked ass" back to my blog?!?!? I guess I have been there for many of those exposures...

  4. 1. I second Emily's sentiment. And the "realigning" talk kind of makes me feel queasy. I want to ask what this actually entails, and I don't want to know...
    2. You could totally ride the rims. The bike shop will fix everything once you're done, right? ;)
    3. OSIHTPs is an acronym that needs to be used more often. It sounds funny out loud, and just far off enough from "OH SHIT" heh.

  5. I'm excited for your sprint tri this weekend! I really need to do one of those sometime. My only tri was ass backwards with the run first and the swim last and it sucked!

  6. Damn! I hope you get that PT stuff figured out asap! Good luck this weekend and keep us posted on what fueling technique works best.

  7. As much as I hate it when PTs say things I don't like, I am fascinated by how it all fits together and how they do investigative work to figure out what's what. Maybe I'll start crashing your PT appointments too?

  8. Can't wait to see how you do at the Sprint tri. I'm sure you will kick some ass out there.

  9. I'm such a nerd - I love reading your PT updates. I hope you get fixed and back to 100% SOON!! As for the nutrition crap (no pun intended. ha!), I need to do the same thing on my long runs. I'm been puking after every single run over 16 miles, and I guarantee its nutrition. Please let me/us know what works for you!

  10. You are one tough hombre with that Graston stuff. Hell no for me (although I say that b/c I have not had to do it to keep me going in this awesome lifestyle.)

    Sprints scare me to death now. The idea of going that hard for one hour is scary and I don't know why. I should just do one and get the fear out of the way.

  11. I hope you get this PT/alignment/adductor stuff sorted out soon!

    Somehow I am not surprised you are racing this weekend. I guess I just assumed that you were but weren't talking about it! Also, if you flat and finish on your rims does that mean you'd have to buy a new tri bike? Because that would be sad.

  12. Hoping you've found the answer...

    When I get back home, I'll take you out for a beer and you can give me names of all the doctors/PT people. I need to figure out what's going on with my body these days...

  13. OOoooh good luck on the sprint! It's amazing to just have a 5K left at the end. I heart the sprint.

    Sorry bout all the doctor stuff. :(

  14. What time and place is this ride around here gonna be?
    Since our schedules don't mesh with the Wed a.m. ride anymore we are way overdue for a fun ride ending at a bar on the waterfront!


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