surgery report

Knowing that I was going to spend most of the following day puking, I had a giant burrito the night before surgery.  Yum.

We showed up at the hospital around 7am.  I got checked in and then waited for the nurse to take me back.  

We went through all the fun pre-op stuff, including letting Dr. P write on my leg (swoon!) and stabbing me with needles.  Ugh.  The poet tried to covertly take a bunch of pictures of Dr. P to tape on my mirror show you guys.
I'm ready!  I'm a little scared.
 He's actually doing a crossword puzzle.
 He wears Crocs.  FLAWED.
This one he actually posed for.  

Once he was done, they wrapped me up like a little surgery burrito and whooshed me away.
This is actually the same size as the burrito I ate the night before.

Once they got me into the OR, I was HORRIFIED to discover that Katy Perry was playing over the speakers.  The studly Dr. P listens to teeny bopper music?  I asked the nurse if it was his music and they laughed hysterically.  Whew.  Turns out he likes country.  I guess that's okay.  

I didn't get really scared until they moved me over to the table and I caught a glimpse of the scalpels.  EEKS.  But soon enough I drifted off to dreamland, where I had a very nice dream about cycling somewhere gorgeous until I woke up in recovery.  I heard Dr. P talking to the poet and groggily asked him for a high-five.  I spent quite a bit of time in recovery, first because I was pretty woozy and couldn't sit up, and then because I got really nauseous and was dry-heaving for a few hours.  They gave me magical no-puking drug #1, which didn't do anything, but magical no-puking drug #2 seemed to take the edge off.  Around 1:00 they dumped me in the back seat of the poet's car and we headed home.  I dry-heaved some more in the car but managed to keep my burrito down (DAMMIT).  I slept a solid 5-6 hours when I got home, but when I woke up I felt decent enough to eat a real dinner and read a little before conking out again.

Since then, I've been doing pretty well.  I have dim memories of what recovery was like after the first surgery, and as far as I can recall, it was MUCH worse than this.  Friday night I was able to sit on the couch for a few hours and hang out with some awesome girls, although when I got up off the couch to go to bed, pain shot through my leg.  I spent most of Saturday in bed with the bottle of Percocet & a stopwatch, but again was feeling good enough to come out and eat dinner on the couch.  Sunday morning I showered and had another great visitor, but after that I was so worn out that I fell asleep for 5+ hours.  I haven't used the crutches since Thursday, and while I'm moving pretty slowly, I'm moving!  I've been craving veggies and fruit like crazy, so I'm hoping that my body is using it for some pretty deep healing right now.

I see Dr. P tomorrow for my first post-op appointment, and he'll take the bandages off and let me know what I'm cleared to do.  I'm hoping that gentle swimming and slow stationary biking gets the okay, as I feel slodgy and slow from laying in bed for 4 days.  

A huge thanks to everyone for all your texts, tweets, emails, etc this weekend - you guys are such a great support system and I can't wait to get back out there!

And a big special awesome high-five to everyone that ran Philly yesterday - I love reading all the race reports and am so glad to hear that everyone had such a great time!


  1. Here's to healing! And soon we will go for a bike ride together!

  2. SO glad to hear you're already feeling well enough to be antsy to work out! Also glad that you have a doc who understands this particular kind of mania ("I don't CARE if it's not healed, I want to swim NOW!"), and who will most certainly release you for all activities as soon as it's kind of safe. Love, love, love the photos, by the way!

  3. So glad everything went well! You looked so nice before surgery! I would have been in sweats for sure! And that burrito looked delicious!

  4. Only you can write such a funny "surgery report!" Glad it all went well and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

  5. That is a paw print on your gown - is Dr. P really a vet? Did your insurance only approve the use of the vet? Hahahahahahaha!

    So glad you're doing better (although I already knew that) and excited you'll be back in no time!!! Whoo hoo!

  6. Haha I would not be cool with a doctor that listens to Katy Perry. And if it was California Girls I would have demanded to be put out immediately. I'm so happy you are feeling better already! Sorry I couldn't come play on Friday but it was Yom Kippur so I was in a "I hate everyone who can eat so I'm going to sit home alone and sulk" mood. But I'd love to come visit another time if you are up for it!

  7. I love this! And, I love that the poet was taking pics of the hot doc for you. That is just awesome. Can't wait to see you in the pool!

  8. Hot doctors make everything better, no? ;)

    Except girly appointments.

    Anyway! Glad to hear everything feels "better" this this time around - hope you get the okays at the post-op check up!

  9. You look too put together & excited to be facing surgery! Yay for an easier recovery though! Glad things are going well. Be kind to yourself and don't rush things!

  10. Glad the surgery went well and the recovery is going well so far. Sending "heal quickly" vibes your way!


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