july: in which we are all very hot

As one of my very good friends taught me to say: well, that happened.
July Goals
Sleep as much as you can.  Half IM training is coming.  A lot of sleep but somehow I woke up exhausted this morning.
Try and get rid of the triathlete tan. I think this is a lost cause.
Hill workouts.  Stop whining.  Enough said. Big bombastic CHECK!
Get a freaking hair cut! Total fail.  I'd rather register for races.
Dead lift 100lbs (more than one set of two reps).  On several occasions, 2x5 and even 1x5 of 110lbs.  My ass is a beast.
Yoga and swimming are good recovery activities.  More of this.  Lots of swimming, anyway...
I'm going to round up and call July a great month.  When June ended, I was feeling wiped out from lots of running and racing in the heat.  I took quite a few rest days in a row and eased back into training.  I started off the month trying to inch up my long run, but after irritating my shin, backed off quite a bit.  All the running I've done over the past two weeks has been off the bike, and I'm surprised how good these 15- and 20-minute runs feel on my legs.  I'm going to spend the next week or so continuing to run easy, just trying to get my long run back up where it needs to be for Philly and Poconos.  In my mind, I'm just using Philly as a training run for Poconos, but based on what happened in March, I am hoping to PR by a pretty significant amount.  But we'll see what August brings.  I do think that running well off the bike is a more important workout to tackle right now than the long run.  
I had tons of quality time on the bike, finishing the month at only 361 miles, but in those 361 miles I climbed for 18392 feet - which might not seem like a lot, but subtract the once-a-week-flat-ride (roughly 100 miles over the month), and that's a ton of cussing and burning quads.  I made a point of doing all my long rides on hilly terrain, and while I still don't feel necessarily ready for the angry hill monster I'm tackling in a few weeks, I don't think I could have done even one more climb this month.  I got back in the pool and was pretty surprised to discover that I'm loving it, especially the speed work I am starting to add in.  So on day 1 of my half IM training cycle, I'm feeling great.  I'm in fantastic base shape right now, and I feel positive and excited about having two months to build from here.  I hate that running is my weakest of the three legs, especially since I spent 10 years being a runner before I stuck a toe in the water or learned where the brakes were, but I'm being smart about my training, and I can only get stronger and faster as quickly as my body will allow.
I know that August is going to bring a tough century as well as my first peak week of this cycle.  I know there are going to be times that I'm headed into workouts feeling tired and zapped by the heat, and I'm trying to mentally prepare for that now.  I also know that the weather will get cooler as I work through this cycle, and toughing through these hot, hard workouts is going to pay dividends when I show up on race day and it's 55º out.  I can hardly wait.
Miles run: 47
Beers consumed: I'm going to round down to 90
Flat tires: 5
Times I saw spots in PT: 3
New bicycle/puppy/people carriers: 1
Making a public spectacle over signing up for a race: 1
Times I set the alarm for 4:30am to go ride my bicycle: 4
Times I cussed out the alarm for disturbing my sleep (RUDE): 2387
New saddle sores: 1
Visits to the bike store: 12
Visits to the bike store where I didn't spend any money: 5
August Goals
Keep riding those ridiculous hills.
Don't panic about running.  Easy and long is better than speed work.
Maybe do some actual reading about HR training instead of just making it up along the way.
A haircut would be nice.
Figure out race day clothes and actually train in them before race day.
DO NOT BUY A NEW BIKE.  No matter how shiny.
What are your goals for August?


  1. Very nice DL's - I'm impressed!

    Funny that you note sleep -- I actually set myself goals for how much sleep I get in a night :)

    I think if you're not going to buy a new bike, you need to stay OUT of the bike shops. The temptation may simply be too strong.

  2. Goals for August: Continue to kick marathon training ass!

  3. Please add "grilled cheese with Kate" to that list.

  4. You have to lower that number of visits to the bike store if you want to keep yourself from buying a bike! Less temptation :)

  5. It's real hot.
    Also, Reston, we're coming for you.

  6. I reallu like your goals! You are going to do so well. You inspire me to make monthlt goals and stick to them. I have been terrible about that.

  7. I'm with you on the HR training. I actually said that to the tall girl yesterday. Also, you got me addicted to bud light lime. Thank you BJs 18-pack.

  8. but oooooh, shiny!! Maybe your new shiny car will keep you out of Bonzai until October. Maybe.

  9. I'm guessing there may be a new bike in 2011. But as long as you don't get it in August you win! Glad you had a good July and met all of those important not intense training mode goals.

  10. I cannot wait until a 55 F morning, race or not.

  11. My goal for August is to keep up with you and maybe, just maybe to race IMTX with me. Wanna talk about Epic Cursing....that would be the day May 19, 2012....all in a good way of course.

    Yesterday on TFN (The Food Network) they featured a dive in Couer d'Alene and I immediately thought of you. CdA....going down.

  12. always good to round DOWN beers consumed!

    running is quickly becoming my weakest triathlon link and it truly befuddles me. my roots are in running, why do i SUCK so badly at it?

    you continue to amaze me with your workouts, you are a BEAST!!!

  13. I want a new shiny bike (cruiser style, for leisure riding)! But sh, don't tell bici. I still heart her very much.

    Just remind yourself how this heat will eventually be gone, and then you'll really fly up those hills because your energy won't be spent sweating your life out. whoop!

  14. That is ALOT of climbing! At that rate, even if you never grow to love hills, you will kick ass at climbing them. My goal for August: get a haircut as well. It has been 8 months and I haven't worn it down since March. Ugh.

  15. Sounds like you had a pretty darn good month, especially considering the awful heat and your shin issues.

    About that bike... Does that mean your old one may be coming on the market? I think we may be about the same height...

  16. Buy a new bike. The 2011's are on sale!

    Sorry! I am the devil on your shoulder ;)

  17. 55 will be be heaven, I can't wait. And my guess is that you will have a new bike by the end of August :)

  18. I love that not buying a new bike is one of your goals! haha!

    I will join you on your goal to not panic about running, sticking it on the backside of my #1 goal for August: Do not panic about cross country season.

    My August: keep rehabbing patellofemoral....rebuild mileage slowly...get up to 35-40 miles per week and most importantly...take rest days!


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