random friday facts

1. I think putting milk in cereal is disgusting.

2. I don't use a washcloth.  I just make bubbles and scrub away.

3. People who take pictures of every meal they eat and every person they come across and every building they see really stress me out.

4. My favorite color when I was 12 was purple.  All my bike jerseys are purple, and I just bought a purple transition bag.  It matches the carpet that was in my little kid bedroom.

5. I think I am horribly un-photogenic, which is why I make strange faces in most pictures.

6. I've always wanted to be 5'10".

7. When I go grocery shopping, I take the exact same route through the store every time.

8. I swallow my gum.

9. I give people the finger a LOT while driving.  And while biking (see: this morning).

10. If I had kids, I would make them take piano lessons and be on the swim team until they were old enough to vote.  Molly could easily be on the swim team but I'm not so sure how the piano lessons would work out for Graham.  

11. It's been really hard to un-learn the habit of sitting with my legs crossed.

12. I think wallpaper is weird.

13. I really don't understand how health insurance works.

14. I used to be allergic to milk (it gave me a rash), but I realized this morning I haven't had that rash for a while.  Maybe I grew out of it?  I still ate cheese and ice cream all the time anyway.

15. I have a lot of theories about a lot of things.  I accept that I'm probably wrong about most of them, but I will still explain them to you in great detail.

16. I am fairly confident that everyone picks their nose.  Sometimes you can blow your brains out and there's just a stubborn little booger that needs help.  

17. I always fold my headphones over twice and then tie them in a knot.

18. I've kept all the books from my MBA, even though I will probably never open them again.

19. If you run/bike/drive with me, I will talk your ear off.  I can talk for hours about basically nothing.  Right, Rudi?

20. I don't care about politics at all.

21. If it was up to me, I'd take all the trees and grass out of the backyard and fill it up with concrete.  I hate yard work.

22. If it takes longer than about 2 seconds for a webpage to load, I close.

23. I really like that the poet and I have dinner together at the table most nights.  

24. I think organic peanut butter (the kind that's all oily on top) is disgusting.  

25. I am really REALLY judgmental.  

26. If you take the word verification crap off of your blog, I am much more likely to comment.

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Drop me a note if I missed you (or if you post after my post goes up) and I'll add you to the list!  Have a great weekend, everyone.  Who's racing this weekend?


  1. Yeah for RFF!! #6 - #9 I agree with and do the same things. And heath insurance + politics = I don't really care nor can I hold a conversation about them.

  2. who the hell uses washcloths? I leave them in our guestroom and they never get used.

  3. Reading number 16 made me want to pick my nose.

    Damn. ):

  4. Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one who didn't use a washcloth in the shower.

    21. I need to put a little garden in for you. Then you'll be over the moon about stuff growing in your backyard.

    23. I'm all about dinner together. What is the point of being married if you don't have anyone to share a meal with in the evening?

  5. Yes to #2, #12, #20, and #26!

  6. Anonymous - no need to hide when talking about picking your nose.

    Being judgmental is fun.

  7. Amen about cereal. Milk is the grossness :-)

  8. Im starting to think you and I might be the same person. No seriously. Loved this weeks RFF!!

  9. I NEVER put milk in cereal! I too am pretty judgmental, even though I know I am the old lady wearing compression with love handles... I feel as though acknowledging it, makes it acceptable. ;)

  10. I have Friday Facted, randomly! Though there is a slight dead animal theme to mine. Not in a bad way though.

    And I didn't do 26! This is epic...

  11. Hah!I changed the settings on my blog so that people don't have to do the word verification lol

  12. i LOVE RFF! i swear, i think we were separated at birth. i thought some of my random facts were so random that no one else could possibly have that in common with me. but i share about 90% of your RFF every week.

  13. Do you eat your cereal dry? You might not like my posts these days because I seem to be taking pictures of everything. But I did only take a fraction of the paintings I saw yesterday!

    You must never read Em's blog because hers takes forever to load. But because she's my daughter I wait.

    My random fact - when I am home (not traveling) I will not pay extra money for a cup if I want coffee (which I love.) If I don't bring a cup I don't get it.

  14. i couldnt resist this week, i just posted my RFF p.s. i dont have word verification, so feel free to comment LOL! http://www.myreasontotri.com/2011/08/random-friday-facts-2.html

  15. I love judging! In fact, I'm judging you right now!

  16. #3 = the reason I am not a reader of most "food journal" blogs. FOOD blogs, with recipes? Totally different story.

    This is also the reason its a little awkward to be around most bloggers, ha. Self included, I'm sure.

    Graham may be a piano dog-prodigy. you never know.

  17. I also hate organic peanut butter. Bring on the uber-processed goodness!

  18. i pick my nose.

    and how tall are you?

  19. So what do you put in cereal? I totally wanted to be 5'10" because I thought it would help me in Basketball! Happy Friday!

  20. Posted my RFF though they are def not as good as yours. No racing this weekend, just 16 training miles. And I am totally judgmental too.

  21. I don't mind putting milk in the cereal I just hate the thought of drinking it after!

    I have a new found respect for purple after B.o.B drilled in to me "Give purple a chance"

    The fact that you swallow your gum freaks me out and you are not allowed to do that shit while we're in NYC. Spike does this too and he is not allowed to do it in front of me. Weirdo's!!!

    Not crossing my legs was easy, sitting up straight is hard!

    Oily peanut butter freaks me out too, same when there's water on top of greek yogurt, I pour it out.

    One of these Friday's I will do this, I need to start writing down random things though. I think of one or two and then forget them by the time I need to draft up a post!

  22. Purple rules and always will!
    I took my first evernpic of scenery while on a run the other day and it was a damn video. Need. Glasses.

  23. I feel you on number 5, I rarely just smile in pictures.

    You're generous with those 2 seconds to load a webpage. 1/2 a second and I'm out of there.

    Organic, oily peanut butter is, there's something unnatural about it.

    And I've discovered that everyone is judgemental, some people are just honest about that fact.

  24. I think in real life there is no way we could be friends.

    That is all.

    But on the blogosphere, we can be BFF's.

  25. awesome random facts!! I picked my nose this morning... also, I use washcloths only for my face... i used to be 5'10" but now i'm 5'9" so either someone lied to me or i'm shrinking at the age of 24 lol ;)

  26. I pick my nose. A lot. Where do all the boogers keep coming from, seriously??

    And I'm a bit late to the party, but I just put up my RFF!

  27. OMG Katie we are cosmically connected. I Hate F'n yard work and thus I don't do it, but I have a pool and if it were up to me even with the 110* here in Texas that would be a skate park right now.

    Then there is this: 15. I have a lot of theories about a lot of things. I accept that I'm probably wrong about most of them, but I will still explain them to you in great detail.

    26. If you take the word verification crap off of your blog, I am much more likely to comment.

    And for organic oily peanut butter turn it upside down and you won't have as much of a mess or problem on your hands.

  28. i could comment something for each one of the above facts, but i wont. i just have one question, since im attempting to get caught up in the world... what is RFF?

  29. Ha it seriously takes me a year to find the comment button everytime at the bottom. Anywho-seriously I never understand bloggers who meet someone and they are like-so photo+food+whatever else now. That would mean your only friends are bloggers bahaha.

  30. That was some major Random Facting. Super long and awesome. I never realized it, but I take the same path through the grocery store, too!

  31. Word verification - yes. So frustrating and I almost never get it correct.
    Natural peanut butter...yeah, slimy, but I love it! I never liked "peanut spread" until Imtried the real deal.

  32. i love purple! and totally agree about wallpaper and the word verification!!!!!

  33. I hate milk in cereal too! it's the worst. How can anybody like it? You take delicious crunchy cereal and turn it into cold, wet, mushy slop.

  34. It could definitely out smart the most of us.


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