random friday facts

1. I do NOT like coconut.

2. I hate cooling down after a tough workout.  I did the hard part, let me eat something!

3. I would love to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have someone hand me $5000 for doing something like saying, "No, he went the other way."

4. I broke my ankle when I was in 5th grade.

5. I am pro-choice.

6. Sometimes I don't like that everyone can keep up with my life via the blog.  It would be nice if you picked up the phone every once in a while.

7. I can't remember the last time I ate fast food.

8. My ankle keeps cracking.

9. August will be the first month this year that I haven't raced.  At first I was bummed about it, but now it's okay.  Bigger goals.

10. With MANY exceptions, I think people that hyphenate their last names are pretentious assholes.  

11. I always crave the burrito, but then when I get there, I order the taco salad.  Damn you, Qdoba, and your delicious taco salad!

12. I honk my horn.  A lot.

13. As of today, I've lived in my house for 3 years.  I kind of want to do a "before and after" post, but I feel like the house is still more "before" than "after."

14. Sometimes I wish I was famous so people would close stores for me to shop in and I could be sponsored by Felt and Zipp and TYR.  But that actually sounds like a lot of work, so I think I'll just stick with being cranky.

15. I still can't get enough of the Dubliner cheddar.  Amazing.

16. I'm not a fan of pie.  But I love me a fat cupcake.

17. I'm thinking of doing one of those Q&A post things, but I'm so blunt and raw that I don't think there are any "Q's" out there.  We shall see.

18. The pizza I made last night (homemade, mozzarella, wheat crust, green chiles) is maybe one of the best pizzas I've ever made.

19. When I come home from the pool in the morning, I play game with Molly called, "HUNGRY MONSTER SAYS RAWR!"  She jumps and barks at me.  It's a thing.  

20. I am a huge - HUGE - Philadelphia Eagles fan.  I love the Phillies but they will always come second in my heart to the birds.  

21. I have hidden so many people on Facebook that I forget that I have more than 4 friends.  

22. I hate having long fingernails. 

23. My favorite season is almost here: hoodie season.

24. If I don't reply to an email the second it arrives, chances are I won't reply to it for days.

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Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay high and dry!


  1. I honk my horn too. And yell. There are days where I truly believe that I'm the only one on the road who knows how to drive.

  2. Yeah, fast food for me on Wednesday. LOL!

    I love coconut. Pass your coconut cupcake my way please.

  3. I love coconut, it's one my favorite things.

    yumm...i had a burrito for lunch today :)

    and I love beeping my horn! too my bike doesn't have a realy loud one on it too.

  4. Ditto on the email replying thing. Nobody wants to race in August. . . horrible weather!

  5. I am the worst emailed. I won't reply ever. Same with returning phone calls. Texts are pretty much how I communicate. So sad. RFF are up on my blog. And I always honk my horn, complete with yelling and gesturing.

  6. Chick-fil-A on way to Steelman. Yep.

  7. Well I thought we were going to continue to grow in our friendship because of the many commonalities but then you hit me with the Iggles card and I have to say I'm crying in my vegan sandwich right now......G-Men here. Maybe you and my wife can chat as she is a birds fan.

    And if i don't reply it is almost never getting replied to. No matter who its from. Just how I roll.

    I am doing an RFF for next week so you know.

  8. I did an RFF for today's post. The link is http://angelamg.blogspot.com/2011/08/random-friday-facts.html

    I love your RFF.

  9. I love hoodie season too! Cool/cold weather clothes are just so much better for lounging around. Sweatpants + hoodie are far superior to t-shirt and shorts.

    I like coconut, but not coconut water.

  10. Hoodies yay!!! Sometimes I think FB should only have people that live far away because then when I tell someone something that I see in person, they are always like yeah I saw on FB :-(

  11. It would be nice if YOU would pick up the phone sometimes!

    Just sayin'...

  12. Eagles??? Why am I friends with you?

  13. I've got to start doing these on Friday because I love them.

    I HATE coconut except on doughnuts. Go figure.

    Thank God for hiding people on FB. I hate those statuses you are supposed to repost. That is one way to get hidden on my page.

    Also agree on the hoodie season.

  14. Homemade pizza FTW! If I had my way, we'd probably eat that at least twice a week - different toppings n' stuff, but ya know.

    Happy weekend (without NYC - booo) - survive the hurricane!

  15. I'm definitely a pretentious asshole.

  16. Sorry I missed my RFF this week. Enjoyed reading yours . . .
    I love Fall + hoodies + cardigans + jeans every day. Am also hoping my pace will increase once I am no longer sweating away all fluids and energy.

  17. This one: 21. I have hidden so many people on Facebook that I forget that I have more than 4 friends.

    is totally me. Love it!

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