random friday facts

1.  I think plain water tastes weird.  I always put in a tiny splash of something to make it taste better.

2. I still have my tonsils and my appendix.

3. My foam roller has gone flat.

4. I do not own arm warmers.

5. Except to work, I've almost completely stopped wearing underwear.

6. The temperature and volume in my car must always be on even numbers.  Multiples of 5 are ok in an emergency.

7. I can't sleep if I am even the tiniest bit hot.

8. My glutes are sore.  Sore!  Me!

9. I've run a ton of races, and about 95% of those are 5Ks.  I still have quite a few "by default" PRs.  

10. My favorite kind of grilled cheese is made with Velveeta.

11. I do not like being the person that uses the last sheet of TP.

12. I always change my sheets on Friday.

13. I could eat sliced strawberries forever.

14. I'm worried about how cranky I'm going to be when I'm 90.  I'm pretty cranky already.

15. I think the new-bike lust is dying down a bit.

16. I have a really small washer and dryer.  I don't want them to die because they are only 3 years old, but I fantasize about buying a full-size set.  

17. Ever since I moved in, there has been talk about a metro stop opening down the street.  I really want it to happen because it would do wonders for the value of my house.  On the other hand, traffic and street parking would become a pain in the ass.

18. We can tell which dog just laid down by the sound of their elbows hitting the floor. 

19. I don't really care about buying organic food, although I do like the organic grocery store around the corner because their raspberries are better.

Happy Friday, everyone!  I've got a longer short long run and 8 billion feet of climbing on a bicycle on tap for the weekend.  What are you up to?

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  1. Is the foam roller flat or hour-glass shaped? I got one of the red ones from target and it went hour glass on me so I got a Pro-Tec one and it's like steel.

  2. I'm moving to Mt. Washington, and there's a Whole Foods down the street. I'm worried what it's going to do to my wallet.

  3. #5 - I think you and the Redhead need to come to a compromise on this one.

    Other than #5, is it possible that you and The Redhead are twins??

    #15 - When new-bike lust dies down, that just means it is time for another new bike

  4. I love both strawberries and raspberries, they aer my fav.

    #5) I ran 10 miles into work this morning and forgot to pack undies yesterday. So, yep going comando even at work today :)

  5. I think google reader is finally posting your new posts within an hour or two. Improvement, yay!

    Why would you wear underwear when most bottoms have built-in underwear? That's just extra laundry.

  6. RFF are up! I'm curious to see a flat foam roller. And I'm so jealous that you have a washer and dryer. I still have to use quarters in the machines in my complex's basement.

  7. I admire your sheet-changing diligence . . . .

  8. I still have my tonsils and appendix too!!! And thankful for them, although, admittedly, I was always kind of jealous of the kids that got them out and got to eat ice cream.

    Also, I'm with ImTheMarigold, still working with quarters at the apartment complex machines. Uber jealous of your small set, it's better than no set!

  9. #14 is HILARIOUS! And I'm totally with you on #7. My hubs has a cold because of how cold I need to keep it at night :)

  10. First, vodka doesn't have much flavor in my opinion, so putting a "splash" of that in your water really doesn't help the flavor much, but it may be good for medicinal purposes. Second, dogs have elbows?
    Have a great weekend and thanks for the blog comment!

  11. #6 -- ZOMG, I'm the same way! Don't even THINK of putting my volume at a 19. I won't be able to concentrate on driving.

  12. I really didn't need to know about your underwear.

  13. 2. I thought I was the only one! we're so alike! OMG!

    3. I had to get an extra firm big fat foam roller for the same reason.

    8. A toast, nay, MULTIPLE TOASTS to your sore ass!

    10. I'm looking forward to a fancy grilled cheese tonight and now I'm inspired to get the fanciest cheese they offer.

  14. ahhhhh!! totally agree...i HATE being hot when i am trying to sleep. terrible! happy friday!

  15. Let's get houses next door to each other or checked into the same old age home when we are 90 b/c this:

    14. I'm worried about how cranky I'm going to be when I'm 90. I'm pretty cranky already.

    Is not something I'm worried about since I know it will happen.

    I will be yelling at the kids to keep off my lawn, I will bitch about the amount of snow, rain, hail, sun, heat everyday, I will complain that it isn't like it used to be.

  16. Come over and check out my random facts! www.runningisalife.blogspot.com

    I can tell which cat is walking in the room based on the sound of their claws!

  17. hmm, im an odd numbers kind of gal.

    i was late posting my RFF today.

  18. I love those default PRs. Have fun with those.

    Do you really use toilet paper one sheet at a time?

  19. Funny w tri training - underwear seems less clothes more - ugh I hate laundry

  20. I totally agree on #6 and #13. I once worked with this creepy guy who I would give rides to dinner (he'd always make me stay late... um yeah) and he'd try to annoy me by putting the AC to an odd number. It would drive me crazy!

  21. I'm worried about BEING 90! I kind of hope I don't get that far. It just doesn't seem very fun ;)

    What metro stop would open near you?! Doesn't seem like an easy thing for them to just do, and not nice to tease about, either.

  22. BAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard about the underwear.

  23. I'm a Sunday sheet changer but I love new sheet day so much, I've considered moving it mid weeks just for the excitement. Hmm, what does that say about my life?
    And underwear? Hmm, I'm good on underpants but I have a home philosophy of "no pants, no problem!"


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