three things thursday

1. I am no longer young enough to stay up past midnight 2 days in a row, have cheese and cupcakes for dinner, drink 5 beers in 4 hours and then expect to run a track workout 36 hours later without my heart trying to explode out of my chest.  Fact.  

2. All the rest is great for everything except my piriformis, which has been hurting significantly more often and more painfully this week than it has since December.  Also, I'm starting to get a taste of what taper is going to be like, and let me tell you now, y'all better just hide or suffer the wrath.  What am I going to do with all this energy?  I feel rested and bouncy and itching to do, well, ANYthing to burn it all off.  But at least my house is clean.

3. My girls are all back home in their various corners of the country.  It was so great to have them all here, and I'm still recovering.  We cooked:

Ate out:

Stayed in:

Took the pups to the park:
And it was really awful to have to say goodbye.
Come back soon.  The puppies need you.  Aaaaaaand I just noticed you can see through my shirt.  Must've been a fun day at work for everyone.

Also, I found this shot on the camera when I downloaded the pictures.  Thanks, the poet.


  1. I love you, Katie! Thanks for letting me have a glimpse into your life. I am very proud to have someone like you as my friend. I'm so proud of all the hard work you've put into being a healthy person. Cheers to you, Thom, and the doggies!

  2. the see-thru shirt is just b/c of the flash on spherical objects :)

  3. hahaha. Way to go the poet.

  4. I can't stay up past midnight, ever.
    That food is making me hungry.
    At least the Poet took a good shot ...

  5. Pssh, who needs a good track workout when you have sliders, beer, and good friends?

    And be prepared to actually go insane during taper. No joke. You never quite know how it will hit you, but its almost never pretty!

  6. I'm starving now. Thanks a lot ;)

  7. Looks like you had a fun time! I want one of those cupcakes :)

  8. Those two need to come into town at the same time more than once every three years... :)

  9. Three Things Thursday for Katie

    1) DROOL.
    2) T-minus two days until PUPPIES and frosting.
    3) I'm hungry for cupcakes.

  10. Gotta love giving everyone a show at work! Looks like a blast with your good for the soul.

  11. Amen to #1 ... believe me, it doesn't get any easier!

  12. Um, those cupcakes looks amazeballs.

    Please, please shove one through the monitor towards me. Please.

    Looks like a fun weekend. Time with the besties is always so energizing!

  13. I could use a beer. Maybe after Saturday's race I'll celebrate a little.

  14. We are getting old. Scientific fact. I can barely make it to midnight in a single night! ;)

  15. Girl time is so awesome, but yeah, getting old can suck it.

  16. Looks like it was a great time!

    And I'm with you on the staying up, eating crap, and drinking. I used to be able to do it no problem, but it is a whole different story now.

  17. I concur with Catrina. That was a blast.

    Also, I love the picture where she's giving the thumbs up. :D


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