february: out like a lion!

Let's look at how February went!

February Goals
Cycle outside.  Find a way.  Many fantastic outside rides - thanks, early Spring!
Get back in the pool.  Yup, and the workouts are getting longer.
Buy one of those darn spaghetti squashes and try to cook it.  Crap.  I did have spaghetti for dinner last night?
Suck it up and just go to Costco already.  Take a Valium first?  $212 later, I have enough TP for at least 3 months.
PR the stupid 5K so I can stop running them for a while.  Bittersweet, but I did it!

February was amazing.  There were ups and downs, but I crossed over so many milestones that I can actually kind of appreciate the downs.  Looking back at my January recap, I can actually see how far I've come.  I'm completely healed from my pulled intercostal, and while my swim workouts are still hovering around the 2000yd-mark, it's enough for right now.  Quite a few spring-type days let me get in quite a bit of cycling, and while I'm displeased with the strength I've lost by essentially taking 8 weeks off from cycling, I'm happy to just be getting in easy volume on the bike at this point.  And I'm sore after running, but it's a tired kind of happy sore, and almost all of the little cranky twinges I was feeling last month have cleared up.  I'm still trying to be really good about foam rolling, stretching, and icing, and I am confident that this is helping to keep me healthy.

Confidence, in general, got a huge boost this month.  I've been following the pace chart, and almost all of my track workouts are dead-on for my half marathon goal.  I had a fantastic 12-mile long run followed a week later by a 14-mile run that wasn't happy, but showed me that I've got the mental toughness I need to get through this race.  I feel like I've been doing a decent job of nailing key workouts, whatever they may be.  But like I said yesterday, I'm tired.  February ended up being an entire month of increasing mileage and intensity, and I feel strong but ready to heal.  I'm grateful that this week is a step back week, and I'm going to leave out lifting and anything else that I'm feeling too tired to do.  I want to be ready to smash every workout next week, the last high mileage week of this training cycle, and then coast downhill to the half.  I do recognize that I'm probably going to be slightly under-trained for the 70.3 that I'm doing in May, especially on the bike, but that's not an A race, that's a "where am I?" race.  The National Half is my spring A race, and my training has been very definitely geared towards that.  After the half is over, I'll adjust my training a bit to make sure that I have key workouts in swimming, biking and running, and plenty of recovery.

I'm also firmly inside the time window where, during the last 3 half marathon training cycles, I've been on the receiving end of a devastating injury.  So from here on out, nothing new, nothing scary, nothing ridiculous.  My training cycle has been a hugely different animal this time around, but I can't ignore the past.  

Miles run: 143, 42 of those in the pool.
Miles cycled: 131, but 100% outside
Rest days: 3
Cupcakes consumed: huge, overlarge number.
Cupcakes transported on a bicycle: 2
PRs set: 1
New pairs of 2150s purchased on sale: 2.  I have a problem.

March Goals
National Half.  Get there healthy & run it down.


  1. Congrats on the great month! I'm sure March is going to be even better.

    I applaud your shoe purchases! You should never turn down a sale, at least that's my philosophy (especially when the shoe is being replaced). I bought another pair of 760s since I couldn't take yours!

  2. Great month girl and so proud of how far you have come... So excited to see you do at the Half!!! You are going to destroy it!

  3. It sounds like you had one hell of a month! Congrats an accomplishing all of your goals - and yes, I think you did all of them . The spaghetti squash is just an added bonus :)

  4. You seriously had a super kickass month! It seems like every run was some sort of milestone for distance or speed. Have a nice relaxing week and then continue to kick ass all the way to the half !!!

  5. Katie, you are doing so amazingly great! I am so happy to see all your killer workouts and thoughts and goals and you strong and healthy.
    Keep up the good work and listening to your body and you will ROCK this half mary!

  6. National Half: only three weeks (and a few days) away!!! Stay smart, as you take these step-back weeks and rest days when you need them. :) Love the confidence boost and Wow did you have a kickass month.

    On another note, spaghetti doesn't count as spaghetti SQUASH. Get on it!

  7. Congrats! I hope March is as awesome as Feb. was. And try spaghetti squash. It's great with pesto.

  8. whoop whoop! here's to NO INJURIES this winter and a healthy half!!!!

  9. Sounds like you had a great month. Keep after that stretching, foam rolling, icing routine. It takes discipline, but the results are well worth it.

  10. Such an awesome month! As for the spaghetti squash, isn't this like the 3rd month it's been on the list? Pick a date and I'll make it with you.

  11. Katie's on fire! Great effort.

  12. Amazing stat: Cupcakes transported by bicycle: 2.

    Great month recap, here's to hoping you keep up the awesome work and stay healthy! I think you're onto something :)

  13. Awesome! When February's like that, it makes you sad it's the shortest month of the year.

  14. Nice job meeting those goals. I think it's great how you have goals for various aspects of your life and not just running!

  15. Best wishes on staying healthy, makes running so much more fun!

  16. You did great this past month! Let's go get March!

  17. You're not ignoring history ... because you're smarter and stronger for having gone through those tough times in the past. I'm so happy for you and your bad self, and am TOTALLY living your half-training vicariously through you!


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