weekly wrap & I continue to defy a watery grave

I made plans to swim yesterday with the sweet Amy R. at the awesome and huge Wilson Aquatic Center.  I've never been swimming in a 50M pool before, so I was interested in giving it a try.  Physically, my body seemed to "forget" what to do after about 35 yards - on the first lap, I forgot to turn my head to breathe and then flailed for a bit and sucked some water up my nose.  As soon as I went back to counting strokes and breathing, I was fine.  Interesting, body.  I also discovered that it is MUCH easier to keep track of distance in a 50M pool - every time I reach my flip-flops, I add another 100 to my mental tally.  Piece of cake.  I think it's also good to be swimming longer distances without touching the wall (even if it's only a tiny bit longer) as I prep for the open water.  (If you say shark or jellyfish to me I will cut you).  

However, after about 400 meters, I noticed that every time I turned my head over my right shoulder to breathe, my dull headache shot up a few notches to OUCH.  A few laps later, this turned into a deep-down-in-my-back-teeth kind of sinus headache.  I traded out my swim cap for the looser, crappy one that I bought last week and loosened my goggles, but nothing helped.  After 1000M, I gave up and sat in the whirlpool for a while, then took a long shower.  But the Wilson pool gets two awesome thumbs up, and I can't wait to go back and do a long swim there.

In thinking about what it could be.  I ate a ton of sugar this weekend, so it could be a delayed sugar headache.  I know that I was well hydrated, so that wasn't it.  I had yogurt/fruit/granola for breakfast, a granola bar & some fruit for a morning snack, and PB&J and a cupcake about an hour before swimming, so I wasn't hungry or low on blood sugar.  I've been nursing an on-and-off stress headache for the past week or so, but it super-intensified when I got in the pool.  My goggles have been my arch enemy for a while, as I either spend the entire workout reseating them on my face after they flip when I push off the wall OR I finish the workout with an eye-socket headache.  There seems to be no good middle ground.  So I think new goggles are in my near future.  And maybe an increased focus on work/life balance.

Last week in review:
Monday: 50 minutes lifting (legs), 43 minutes/2000 yard hard swim.
Tuesday: 50 minutes lifting (arms/chest/back), 1:10/20.05 miles cycling.
Wednesday: 50 minutes lifting (L), 1:05/2800 yard swim, 40 minutes/4 mile pool run.
Thursday: 45 minutes lifting (a/c/b), 1:23/21.31 miles of an incredibly frustrating windy ride.
Friday: 30 minutes lifting (L) - reduced for ride prep, 32 minutes/1650 yard swim.
Saturday: 2:49/44 miles cycling.
Sunday: 31 minutes/7 miles recumbent bike.

The milestone of last week?  First time breaking 100 miles (overall mileage) since the week before my surgery.  Progress is as progress does.

And, the puppy party was fantastic but a bit insane.  There was a lot of this:

Some of this:

And a lot of this:

But I think they were friends in the end:


  1. Two things I so, totally agree with: 1. it is MUCH easier to keep track of distance in a 50M pool, and 2. it's also good to be swimming longer distances without touching the wall (even if it's only a tiny bit longer) as I prep for the open water.

    I also find that when the pool's crowded—which happens frequently at Wilson—you get that full-contact-swimming feel to prep for the start of an OWS. Thanks for a great swim date—looking forward to another (headache-free!) date next week!

  2. nice workouts! keep up the strong recovery!

    those puppies are so cute! i want one!!!

  3. Ugh, headaches are the worst! Good job lasting 1000!
    I wish I had gone to the puppy party! Looks like it was a success!! Nice work last week, you are on fire!


    I haven't swum laps, really, ever. No clue how to do a flip turn. But I'm up for this Wilson pool watery grave thing.

    You are awesome for always getting out (in?) there!


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