random friday facts

1. I eat bananas because they are hugely portable, not because I like them.

2. I judge people at the gym who are on a cardio machine in jeans.  Come on, now.  Even cotton would be better.

3. 2 of my 3 roommates pay me rent in cash.  I feel like a pimp when I go to the bank.

4. Many days, swimming is my shower.

5. On Monday, I will register for my last semester of classes in my MBA.  Huge exhale.

6. Sometimes I read back through all my tweets and erase the ones that make me sound like a bad person.

7. I never delete work email, and I hate having more than 20-30 emails in my inbox.

8. I almost never answer the phone.  

9. I decided when I took this job that people should call me "Katrina" because it sounded more professional than "Katie."  I hate it but it's too late to change it now.  My dad is the only person in the world that calls me, "Kate."  I like that.

10. I was gone all day and it made my puppy sad and anxious (as I discovered when I got home).  Now I'm worried that he has  separation anxiety.  Poor little guy.

11. I bought new shoes for running last Sunday after making all my bad juju shoes move out.  I still haven't brought them in from the trunk of my car.  I'm afraid they might catch the bad juju.

12. I've either gained 20lbs since surgery or 0 and I'm just over-reacting.  Either way, not getting on that scale anytime soon.

13. When I could run a little, I missed running a lot.  Now I can't run at all.  And I don't miss it, but I think that's because I know that I'm going to get it back.  Soon.

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  1. Seriously on number 2????? That's one I've never seen! Can't picture you as Katrina.

  2. There is tooootally someone at my gym who does that.

    Pool showers are legit. Accounted for 95% of my showering in high school.

    I dont delete emails either!

  3. I love the frat guys in PJs and slippers trying to bench press. It's almost as good as cardio in jeans.

  4. Katie = pimp - I always knew that!

    I heart bananas - because they are tasty AND portable ;)

    ROFL about you deleting your tweets! You crack me up!
    When I was in school, kindergarden to H.S. and college, everyone called me Katherine. My hubbs even calls me Katherine because he met me when I was in college. My family and friends all call me Katie. If the hubbs were to call me Katie, I think I would drop to the floor and die! LOL! Oh, and my big brother calls me Kate, and my daddy calls me Monkey still ;)


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