september was a great month

I had no idea what I was getting into with September, but I am pleased as punch about it.

September Goals
Keep killing the PT, but make a decision about the IT band.  Done.
Finish the metric century under 4 hours.  DNS due to surgery.
Try some more veggies. Pumpkin!  Something I thought I hated but turned out to be delicious in ravioli.  I am also continuing my love affair with the green chiles.
Buy a new duvet cover (sometimes, it's the little things). Bought this yesterday!  Love it!
Do the hill workout EVERY WEEK.  And....nope.  I did it the first week of September and that is it.

Wow.  Let's talk about September.  At the beginning of the month, I felt strong yet still frustrated.  I had a complete meltdown while pacing in a friend, which turned into surgery 4 days later.  I believe that the universe guides me, and in this instance, threw bricks at my face to make sure I was paying attention.  And since I've had the surgery, I've been a bit blah about what I can and mostly can't do.  However, I am still 100% sure that having the surgery was the right decision for me.  I'm healing quickly, despite my frustrations with how slowly I feel like I am progressing.  While I'm not at all ready to begin running, I can tell that my body is working hard to heal.  I've logged more swims in the past two weeks than I have in months, including the monster 2-miler I swam on Saturday, and I'm slowly but surely adding minutes to my time on the spin bike.  In short, I need to remember that progress in baby steps is still progress.  There are things that I miss, like my sunrise bike rides and monster leg sessions at the gym, but I'm okay with that sacrifice because I will heal stronger and faster than I started.  And even better: I'll be able to run.

The even more excellent news is that now it's October, my favorite month of the whole year (and not just because I'm turning 30 this week).  I love fall.  I love crisp mornings and cool air blowing in the windows and leaves changing and the smell of wood fires and getting out the electric blanket.  I love being outside in sweaters but the sunshine is still warm.  I like switching back over to red wine and making pots of chili and having fires out back.  More than anything, I love running in the fall.  I love chilly mornings and running at night through Del Ray.  I love struggling into my CW-X tights for the first time, and pulling out the Brooks long-sleeve running jacket that is one of my favorite things ever.  And this fall, I'll get to do it.  All of it.

Miles run: 43, with about 70% of that actually walking due to the walk/run and about another 20% in the pool.  And all before September 16th.
Miles cycled: 254, my lowest mileage since May, but also, all before September 16th.
Rest days: 3 while on vacation, 6 post-surgery
Stupid teenage vampire books read while recovering: 4
Number of time I've looked at the dog and said "Thank God his hair is growing back": at least 20
Visits to topless beach: 3
Swim workouts where I mostly use my arms: 5
Hoodies pulled out of the closet: 4
Pounds of ice used during recovery: 20000000
Pairs of pants purchased in the correct size: 4
Pairs of pants that I will probably return anyway: 4

October Goals

I'll pick a giveaway winner tomorrow.  Shot Bloks for everyone!


  1. Can't wait for the "My First Run since Surgery" post! And also, some chili please!

  2. You're doing a great job with your mental attitude and with physical recovery! So glad you are happy with your decision.

  3. Topless beach eh? Do tell you little Minx!

  4. I'm with ultrarunnergirl - that first post surgery run is going to be epic!

    Be proud girlie, you have done huge things this month - and that bike mileage all before the surgery is sureal! You are a rockstar for coming through this!
    Have an awesome week! Big hug!
    Tell G, Lills say "hey!"

  5. Haha...20 million pounds of ice?!?

  6. Wow, you have turned September around! You got that IT thing handled and have been rocking out the recovery workouts. I did do a double take on the topless beach visits, but what happens in Miami stays in Miami.

    I am not friendly with my kitchen, so I'll have to go back through your posts and find the pumpkin ravioli one if you posted it (if not email it to me), that I would try to cook.

    I also think Sept having your "How to get this life" post was a highlight. AND of course:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 30 IS GREAT! ;) I know it's Friday, but a birthday this important should be celebrated all week!

  7. We even talked on the phone, and you didn't mention the topless beach. I think I would be too weirded out to even think about going to one myself..

  8. You will get there! I look forward to when you are back out on the road on your bike and I will join you.

  9. The best part about September? It's OVER! It's all behind you! Now you only have GREAT things to look forward to! Continuing your recovery, getting stronger, feeling better, back to cycling and running. And being whole again. And to kick that off with a birthday? Even better! Yay you!

  10. You made it through physically, which is obvious from the metrics listed above. But more importantly, you made it through mentally, which will serve you well not only on your first run back, but in life and stuff. Pat yourself on the back for all sorts of small victories!


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