three things thursday


Went to the ortho on Tuesday.  At the bottom of my incision, something sharp was poking out.  It wasn't really bothering me, but it was giving me the creeps when something would touch it, like the washcloth in the shower.  So I pointed it out.  Before I could say anything else, Dr. P had ripped open the steri-tweezer package, reached INTO THE INCISION, pulled out the knot of stitches, clipped the long stitch, and stuffed it back inside.  AHHHHHHHHHH.  I could feel the entire line of stitches tug while he was messing with it.  I get the creeps just talking about it.

For those following the soap opera of my IT band, he says I can go ahead and swim (wait, I was) and cycle (ditto).  We had a bit of a talk about where I was with everything and he said to continue to take it easy.  I can do whatever I want that doesn't hurt.  Come back in 3 weeks and we'll put running on the table.

2. To my puppy friends, put Oct 23rd on your calendars.  Puppy party is a go.  If anyone has any recipes for pupcakes, let me know!

3. We are - yet again - having internal discussions about the possibility of adding to our puppy family.  I'm concerned that adding dog #2 to our sweet, well-behaved (mostly) dog will turn him into the antichrist and my house will be pulled down into rubble.  Advice?


  1. Yay, Puppy Party, day before ARMY, I'll stop by at packet pickup? The only thing I think of when I say getting another dog is, when your dog is your pal, you typically don't have two dog pals. They pal around together and you are now the human. They tend to be more doggy then pal-lie I guess is what I'm trying to say.

    Anyway, it's just what you want from your dog as well.

  2. In for the puppy party! Happy birthday Graham!

    As for getting #2, this is a CONSTANT discussion in our house with no resolve, yet. Let me know if you get any good insight.

  3. puppy party! I'm there! I would also love to get another dog, too. Maybe you can pet-sit for someone for a weekend to see how G takes sharing the attention?

  4. OMG I just got the heeby-jeebies!!!!!

  5. haha, remember me telling you about sliding my stitches around in my knee? I probably would have pulled that sucker out myself. (but sorry to hear about the nighttime pain flash...that's annoying.)

  6. I just threw up reading that - thanks!

    YAYYYY! Lilly's b-day party is the same day!!! I have a great peanut butter carrott cake doggy cake receipe if you like! And homemade dog treats receipe if you like - I make both for her b-day. I bet you have all the ingredients already, too! I usually just have to buy carrots and wheat jerm.

    I just said to the hubbs this morning we need to adopt another! Tooo funny!

    And I LOVED the pics of you in your birthday glory! Welcome to 30, it isn't really all bad. I still can't believe I'm 30 but then again it's kind-of fun to say, "hey, I'm 30!" LOL! (yeah, ask me again at 35, I'm sure the answer will be different!)
    Happy Thursday!

  7. can I come to puppy party if I hve no puppy? I promise to bring a big bone! ;)

  8. Aw, puppy party!! Now I really need to get one of those. Or maybe you can get pup #2 and take care of it and we'll just call it mine :)


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