three things thursday

1. I believe in good juju.  After I had surgery, I got rid of all my bad juju running shoes (donated them) and went out and bought a spanking new pair of Asics 2150's.  Last winter, 3 different running stores recommended them but instead I decided to stick with my Asics Gel-3000's.  I'm an idiot.

Anyhow, I bought the 2150's and didn't bring them in the house for a while.  I wanted the bad juju to clear out.  When I did bring them in, I put them on the shelf with my lifting/gym shoes and my bike shoes.  I hope they are learning the good juju from them.  LEARN THE GOOD JUJU OR YOU'RE GOING IN THE CHIPPER.

2. My mom, a pretty amazing amateur photographer, has let us borrow one of her "bad" cameras, which is why many of my pictures have suddenly become 4000 times more awesome.  The poet has been doing most of the picture-taken, but I've been able to sneak in a few (see: juju shoes) and I love it!  It's makes G look like a movie star.

3. My running/swimming/bitching/cheese-eating wine-drinking sweatpant-wearing old friend is coming into town for the week.  I'm excited. :)