random friday facts

1. I drink decaf raspberry hot tea every morning in the winter.  Yum.

2. I really hate it when people pop balloons.

3. I get ear infections all the time.  Because I'm 4 years old.

4. I secretly like that I have just a touch of Scary Cyclist Calf Syndrome.

5. I don't think that I look that different despite the weight I've lost.  I'm still all hips, tits and thighs.

6. If I could take a pill that made me feel full, give me all the nutrients I need and not fuss with food, I would.

7. I think I read more emotion off my dog's face than he is actually feeling.

8. Sometimes I ride my bike with BOTH headphones in.  I KNOW.

9. I buy way too many cheap candles. Especially at Target.

10. I don't like gift certificates.

11. Ever since I had surgery, I've stopped missing running.  I think it's because I know I'll get it back now.

12. I hate printers.  And fax machines.  And most things Bluetooth. 

13. I got 4 tiny cavities filled this week without Novocain.  I'm a badass.  

14. It makes me mad that I had cavities at all, because I take really good care of my teeth.  But I grind them, and all the cavities were in ruts that my toothbrush bristles can't reach (says my dentist).  Still.  Mad.

15. I have a really big secret right now.

16. I don't buy presents early because then I just give them to the person.  I can't stand the suspense.

17. I have a work voice.

18. I would rather be cold than hot.

19. I've always wanted a nose stud.

20. I'm wondering if I can learn how to renovate a bathroom by myself to save money.  This is probably a really bad idea.


  1. to #16: ME TOO! I gave Steve all of his X-mas presents last year a couple of weeks early. My mom felt bad so she bought him extra gifts so he had something to open on Christmas. Hahaha

    #14 sucks-- not cool.

  2. Just more confirmation we are twins of sorts. Also... what is this big secret?!?!?

  3. P.S. Nose studs get boogers stuck on them. I know because I used to have one.

  4. I always love your random facts...you crack me up!

  5. cold over hot, always! i drink tea like its my job. love pet emotions!

  6. If you find that nutritious pill, please let me know! I'm down with that!

  7. Be happy you have tits. I lost weight and lost the boobs with it, but kept the hips and thighs, sigh.

    And #15? You're a tease...

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter. Actually, only half of that statement is true.
    I felt compelled to recommend redbush (aka roobois) tea - ever tried it? Caffeine free, and completely lovely.


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