three things thursday

1. The rain canceled my ride this morning.  I AM POUTING.

2. Finally had a workout that made me want to puke last night.  Tacked on 10x50 yards, 15 seconds recovery, increasing speed, at the end of my swim workout.  I couldn't remember the last time I did it, so the first one at 48 seconds felt slow.  Ugh.  The last one at 34 seconds make me throw up, just a little, inside my goggles.  Woo-hoo for things that make me want to puke & die!  Also, during one of them, I was listening to a hip-hop song that goes "wikki wah wikki wikki wah" and I always sing that part out loud because I'm a gangsta, so I did.  Just before a flip-turn, halfway through a 50.  Water, meet sinus cavity!  You guys are going to be great friends!

3. I am SO EXCITED to travel to Bloomington this weekend for Homecoming.  I've never been to Homecoming, and I'm excited to wear red, hang with my girls, eat at Pizza Express, stomp around in Brown County, and rock out with the Marching Hundred!  I am not excited about driving 12 hours in the rain.  With a puppy who is a little too excited about his birthday tomorrow.  


  1. Have a blast this weekend!!!! :)

  2. It's not raining here! You'll be fine. Can't wait to see you!

  3. Have so so so much fun!!!!! Happy Birthday Graham! Take lots of pictures!

  4. Nice workout! You are turning into quite the M. Phelps! Hahahaha!
    Have fun this weekend!


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