three things thursday

1. After 2 pretty solid swims, I'm feeling a bit less blah.  Or, still blah, but my arms/chest/back are pleasantly exhausted so I have other things to bitch about.  I've been cycling - slowly - on the recumbent bike at the gym for 10 minutes a day, and today I stepped it up to 15 minutes for a whopping 3.25 miles.  Watch out, I'm a wild woman.  Tomorrow I might shoot for 20.  In general, my IT band feels mostly okay, but every once in a while it will seize and I'll get a hot flash of pain.  Ouch.  But the good news is, when I wake up in the morning, I am walking without a limp.  As I go through my day it deteriorates, but I'm calling every baby step progress.  Looking ahead to my next appointment on Tuesday, I am certain that there's no freaking way he'll clear me for running - and I actually don't want to be cleared, because just the thought of taking a jogging step makes me hurt in my dark places - but I'm hoping he'll be pleased with my progress.  And my short skirt.

2. I don't know when or how it happened exactly, but work has exploded.  We've been talking occasionally for a while about when we are going to hire some more folks for my team, and I'm hoping that this is imminent.  It's been ridiculous on top of insane for the past 3 weeks.  Don't they understand that I need time for blogs and watching TV shows online?  Seriously.

3. My puppy is going to turn 1 this month and we're seriously thinking about having a puppy party for him.  We've got a big backyard and I can make some puppy cuppycakes.  It will probably end up more fun than my own birthday, which we are NOT TALKING ABOUT until you accept the fact that I am turning 29.  Again.


  1. I fully support the puppy party (and your 29th birthday, the sequel.) :)

  2. I would totally attend a puppy party. ESPECIALLY with cuppycakes. Because that sounds adorable, and delicious.

  3. Hahaha! Short skirt! Lucky doc! Nice work swimming and cycling!

    HAVE THE PARTY! Lilly turns 6 on 10/26 and I have had a party for her and her friends every year! I have a great dog cake receipe if you like! It's fun - and I always make a cake for the peeps! I wish G could come to Lilly's!

  4. totally have the puppy party!!

  5. i can't wait to the see the pics from the puppy party. its going to be epic, i can tell!

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