random friday facts

1. I don't like carrying a purse.

2. I only buy cheap sunglasses.  Actually, I only buy cheap almost-everything in the clothing area.

3. I am a serial return-er.  I was overjoyed to learn that the poet is as well.

4. I am the opposite of a packrat.  I am horrified by Hoarders.

5. I am throwing away (or, more likely, donating) every single pair of my running shoes.  They are dripping in bad juju.

6. I like to be cold when I sleep.  Otherwise, I hate to be cold.

7. I have really bad road rage.  No, it's definitely worse than yours.

8. I hate running errands.

9. My favorite kind of hot tea is raspberry.

10. I really miss my bike.


  1. i seriously can't watch hoarders without dry heaving!

  2. We were separated at birth. That is all.

  3. 1. i LOVE my purse
    2. Hoarders also makes me sick-- and makes me purge everything i own, even though i do that all the time anyway
    3. i actually like running errands
    4. fav tea is lemongrass

  4. So, you like to be cold when you sleep, or you like lots of blankets so you are warm and the air is cold?


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