three things thursday

1. I know, in theory, I cannot have lost that much fitness by taking 3 days off.  My legs and lungs disagree.  Especially on my morning rides.  Especially this morning, in 450mph winds that made me skid all over the place.  Damn you, 14th Street bridge.  DAMN YOU.

Especially when this face is begging you to stay IN BED.

2. I make homemade pizza quite often - dough from scratch, and I split the batch in half and make a thin-crusted pizza and a round of breadsticks.  Last night's featured green chiles and jalapenos, and I put strips of mozzarella on the breadsticks.  YUM.

3.  Giveaway winner!  I let choose....

and it's Rudi B!  Email me at katrina dot brownell at gmail dot com for your giftcard info!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I know, when your baby looks at you it's so friggin hard to get out of bed. Now my dog just rolls over and goes back to sleep.

    I am not brave enough on the homemade dough yet, but nice work!

  2. What the F????!!! I didn't win! I thought we were friends!?

    Ugh - wind is my worst nightmare! I will take heat and rain over it any day!

    Love that face of G's!
    Happy Thursday!

  3. Wind + bike = no fun! But you did it.

    Do you deliver that pizza to Md?

  4. Wait - you told me I won. That's it - we're no longer friends :)

    Ps - can you please post your dough & sauce recipe? thanks!


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