three things thursday

1. I RAN!  Magical Egyptian man said yes, and it was good.  I ran 1 minute.  Twice.  Oh HELL yeah.  Sounds like a comeback to me!  I am cleared to walk 2 minutes, run 1 minute for the total distance of a mile, every other day.  With the disclaimer of PT's everywhere: if it hurts, effing stop.

2. I am FINALLY getting a bikini wax today for my vacation this weekend.  It's been a long 3 weeks.  Get out the weed-whacker and raise your LEGS IN PRAISE TO THE LAWWWWDDD!

3. Crashed my bike this morning at a complete stop.  The light changed, so I started to ride, but my riding buddy Joe said "oh a car" (WHICH WAS STOPPING AT THEIR RED LIGHT - but anyway) so I leaned hard right and boom - on the ground in the middle of Madison.  I've got a very bruised knee and a very bruised palm and a VERY bruised ego.  Good thing I've got all weekend in Miami to drown my sorrows.

What are you doing this weekend?  Any exciting end-of-summer events?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway.  If you don't want to enter, make sure you ask me a question anyway - I'm very much looking forward to that post!


  1. I have done the same thing. But I was in a pedestrian tunnel and whacked my head on the wall and ended up cracking my helmet open and getting a concussion. Quite embarrassing to have to say, "Oh no, I wasn't going fast. I was just standing there." I felt like a complete idiot. Thanks for sharing your moment.

  2. Yay for running and your wax! Enjoy your vaca! Sorry about the fall...ouch!

  3. Hooray for running!!!! Hooray for vacations!!!

  4. Hooray for running! Take whatever you can get girl!!!

    Have a blast in Miami while you're at it! :)

    (As for the waxing, good luck!)


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