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So, today's post is that of a completely lame slacker high on Percocet.  I'll have a surgery report on Monday, but the short version is: it went really well and I'm in far less pain than I anticipated.  I'm also sleeping like a freakin' champ!

For some of my newer readers, I've linked some posts that are either on subjects close to my heart or have a ridiculously high level of snark.  With a special treat at the end for the jokers that already know me.  

In the style of one of my favorite TV shows of all time...
The one where I talk about my giant ass for the first time
The one where I talk about my tattoo
The one where I talk about why I run
The one with all the cute puppy pics
The one where I run the run that takes down my IT band
The one with the trainer
The one that started random friday facts
The one where we shave the puppy
The one where I cook and eat tofu
The one with little Katie
The one where I do a triathlon
The one where I PR
The one with more pictures of my dog
The one where I realize I'm spoiled
The one where I'm tricked into riding 106.5 miles
The one where I talk about how to get this life
The one where I decide to have surgery

And the brilliant Amy suggested in the comments earlier this week that my photo montage be put to music.  The poet rocks at this and jumped all over the chance for special treat #2. I think I was actually supposed to post it yesterday, oops.

See you guys next week!  Thanks for all the positive karma you've been sending my way - I think it's working!


  1. You're a movie star! What a nice boyfriend ;)

  2. So glad the surgery went well!

  3. I LOVED the video! H/T to the Poet - what an awesome boyfriend! Have fun with the drugs and focus on getting our respective butts in gear for Chicago 2011!

  4. Yay! I haven't actually watched the video since I've been mobile all day but I'm psyched about it!


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