three things thursday

I wrote this post yesterday, so hopefully you're reading it just as I'm counting backwards from 10...9...

1. I decided to go for one last run yesterday morning.  I wanted to have one more really painful run, to remember why I'm going through with this.  My IT band faithfully began yanking on my knee at the 1-mile mark, and was pretty darn painful by the time I hit the stop button.  It's been hurting all day, and is tender to touch.  I won't forget.  

Total: 2.62M/24:00/avg. pace 9:09 

Like I said to many of you yesterday, by this time next year I will move that decimal point.  SO HELP ME GOD.

2. I had planned on a long ride Wednesday morning in lieu of the century I'd be missing, but I decided (cough slept in cough) to let Tuesday night's ride be my last.  It was gorgeous.  I rode up to Haines Point, plugged in my happiest breeziest tunes, and just let the miles unroll.  I didn't care about miles or pace or power, I just rode until I had to leave.

Total: 26M/1:35/avg. pace 16.4mph
 This may or may not be a "while riding" self-portrait.
It was an amazing night.

I rode down to the waterfront, where Kirstin was easily convinced to abandon our plans to keep riding and instead drink margaritas while the sun went down across the river.  Summer, I am sad to see you go.  

3. Lauren wrote a pretty hilarious puke and rally race report.  Go check it out in lieu of my usual crankiness.  There are some delicious food pics!


  1. I love that quote about the decimal point. Yes you will! I can remember being in a pool, water running just before returning to running after 6 months off and saying "a year from now I'll run the Richmond Marathon." I did, and it was a PR. You're gonna be one motivated girl when you get back and that will take you far!

  2. I hope everything goes well you will be back in no time!

  3. crossing my fingers and toes! GOOD LUCK! hopefully the meds don't make you a Pukey McGee.

  4. hey gorgeous, you are awesome and courageous for making a pretty emotional decision to put some things on hold for just a while. you'll be back. you'll be stronger. and you'll kick some kind of ass. in the meantme, your beautiful ass self is going to shine as always and brim over w vitality and sunshine.


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