the "I only gained 2 pounds" october recap

Until this morning, I had pretty much forgotten that I even set goals for this month, so this should go well:

October Goals
The goal at Waterman's is execution.  Don't forget.  I guess nutrition execution gets a check?
Keep working the Z2 run and DON'T LOOK AT PACE.  I haven't been paying attention to really anything on the watch.
Branch out into the squash vegetables.  Wine is a vegetable, no?
Don't stop doing the broken butt exercises. I accomplished one goal this month!
Take time to enjoy recovery and celebrate!  Another check - I'm enjoying the heck out of recovery.

At least for celebration, I knocked it outta the park.  Waterman's was not the 70.3 I wanted or needed mentally to send me into the off-season, but it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it now.  Post-race, I've spent most of my time running and keeping it easy.  My biggest goal was to simply maintain and slightly increase the base I had going into the 70.3, and I've done that.  I've been mostly successful at completely ignoring my watch and just running by feel - not looking at pace, HR, time, anything, and I think it's what I need right now.  To be able to just go out and stack up easy miles.  I've only been on the bike a few times since the race, and while I miss it, I'm okay with it because I'll spend plenty of time on it this winter/spring.  And I'm slowly easing back into swimming, mostly so I have something to do on my off days from running.

As for non-exercise related activities, my plate was full this month.  I spent a lot of time with friends and a lot of time with family and a lot of time eating and being drunk drinking.  I know that I'll eventually get to a point where I'm ready to jump back into training, but I'm not quite there yet.  I'm sure another month of laying around inside a wine bottle will do it, and when December 1 rolls around, I should be ready to go.

November is going to be another busy month.  The poet is running his first marathon, and after spending Sunday cheering at MCM, I couldn't be more pumped for him.  I'm racing participating in the Richmond Half, but I haven't really even figured out what my goals for the day are - or even if I should have goals.  I know that I'm not even close to being in shape to run the half I wanted to run in the spring, and I'm at ease with that.  I spent every moment of the Philly Half being so happy to be alive and excited to be running, and if I can have that kind of day again, that's a bigger triumph than the numbers on the clock.  We'll also probably run a Turkey Trot and I'll need to spend at least a day or two back on the bike so I'm ready for the Key West relay - the mafia has a title to defend.

Miles run: 84, which is 83.5 more than I ran last October
Miles run with a hangover: 9.5
Miles run in capris/tights: 4
Pounds lost during taper: 4?
Pounds gained since Waterman's as of this morning: 2.5
Birthdays celebrated in our family: 4
Jeans purchased and not returned (!): 2
Bags of Halloween candy purchased: 3
Bags of Halloween candy left in the house: 1 (partial)
Massive heart attacks induced by surprise marriage proposals: 0 (1 less than last October)

November Goals
Get back on the bike after Richmond.  
Take 2 on the squash vegetables.
Maaaaaybe stop drinking so much on weekends.  Maybe.
Check out that photography class thing at some point.
Keep the speed workouts to 1x a week and most of the miles easy.  
Wear shorts as long as possible.  45ยบ is not cold!

What are your goals for November?


  1. Wine is a fruit, not a vegetable. DUH.

  2. But...isn't squash also technically a fruit? So she's good?

    "Though considered a vegetable in cooking, botanically speaking, squash is a fruit (being the receptacle for the plant's seeds)."

    Wine->fruit->squash. All good.

  3. You're insane with your shorts obsession.


  4. I want to come trail running! Also victory will be ours! Also I love tights and welcome every chance to wear them.

  5. the key west relay sounds awesomely fun!!! goals this month are to stay consistent and to run/workout for me. When I am in that mindset I am much more motivated. I loved reading about how you have been running by feel...great job! that is inspiring to me and i would like to get better at that as well.

  6. I'm with you on team shorts. Though, I wore capris this morning. Also, TRIKW - bring it.

  7. My goal is to not gain 10 pounds after the marathon. And to not go more than a week post-marathon without a run. Neither seem that achievable right now.

    And yes, duh, wine is a fruit.

  8. my goal is to meet you in philly. LOOK AT ME I AIM HIGH!! :D

  9. I am seriously considering shorts for the marathon.

    I hope you enjoy off season month #2! I'm looking forward to hearing about Richmond. I have a feeling you may surprise yourself. I wish I wasn't running a marathon the next weekend so I could come!

  10. Alcohol should be held in higher regard on that Gov'ment food pyramid. Drink more wine!

    Awesome running numbers this month!

  11. Nice miles last month! I just wore shorts this weekend. We are still hitting 60s during the day but I hear that's gonna change this week!

  12. Sounds like a fantastic month all around with the eating, drinking, and running. Sorry I didn't see you on the course! I think I thought you'd be with that pink girl so I didn't even try to look for you. Plus I was in a zone and was brought out of it by the sparkly pants Morgan was wearing.
    Goals for November - start running again at some point... continue to walk the dog until my legs are well enough to run again. Do a Thanksgiving 5k and prepare for Hot Chocolate 15k on Dec. 3

  13. My goal for November is to keep increasing my speed so I qualify for Boston at Vegas in December.

    But enough about me and let's talk about you and your goals and the fact that you are just enjoying life right now. To me that is awesome. Smiling and doing what you need to do to recharge your batteries.

  14. Haha! I'm trying to stay in shorts too. Ran in shorts in 35 degrees this morning. If it hadn't warmed up to 40 by the time I finished, it would have been a bit too cold for that!

  15. CHEERS to this: "I spent every moment of the Philly Half being so happy to be alive and excited to be running, and if I can have that kind of day again, that's a bigger triumph than the numbers on the clock." Also, cheers to wine! Also, let me know which turkey trot you do—I'm contemplating the Alexandria 5-miler again.

  16. Sounds like a pretty successful October to me.

    I'm planning to get into a regular running routine again now that I can actually run 4-6 miles without pain. Woot!

  17. Wine does come from grapes...c'mon now, Katie. Food groups!

    Successful October, on many levels. You learn more from the races that don't go as planned - and your running is strong! Go with that.:)

  18. Running - I love seeing how HAPPY all your running makes you. Tis is a good thing. Way to knock out a pain free 14 miler on Friday!
    And squash, eh, I only really like it whe it's in a cheesy, bread crumby casserole. It's too slimy and chewy. Go for green beans or Brussels Sprouts instead!

  19. I wear shorts until about 25* before I switch to long pants. I've even gone colder than that if I am racing. Throw on a pair of calf sleeves and I am good to go. Although the tingling pins and needles feeling in my legs on a cold windy day when I get home isn't very pleasant.

  20. Sounds like you are doing off season the right way! Heavy training is on its way - so enjoy your friends and family now before you start spending so much time with your bike you think it's your friend (or enemy!).
    Have fun at Richmond!

  21. Love the goals! You've inspired me to think about coming up with a few of my own. I am insanely jealous of your upcoming trip/race in Key West.


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