random friday facts

1. I actually don't really like cheesesteaks.

2. I know that I should get really excited about historical places and monuments and whatnot, but instead I'm just really really bored.

3. That said, I'd really like to go to Scotland.  Darn you, Diana Gabaldon!

4. We buy a giant bunch of bananas probably every other day.

5. I don't think I could own too many Nike half-zips.

6. I really wish I was 6 feet tall so I looked better in jeans.  My little stumpy legs don't get it done.

7. It's 36ยบ out.  I'm wearing shorts and have the space heater blowing right on my legs.

8. Almond milk scares me.  How do you milk an almond?

9. 2 weeks ago I tried chocolate raspberry Roctane Gu.  Roctane basically has speed in it and is amazing, but it tastes JUST LIKE the chocolate raspberry vodka I love, and when I burp, I feel like I've been out drinking.  

10. I don't own a grown-up winter coat.

11. I can deal with the sight of my own blood, but not from anyone else.

12. I never buy candy, but if it's right in front of me, I will gobble it down.

13. I think dried flowers are really creepy.  They are DEAD, throw them away.

14. I had to get out of bed to pee SIX times last night.

15. I get really irritated when people fail to execute.

16. I'm so excited for this weekend that I want to vomit.  Just a little.  

17. I could quote the entire "Ghostbusters" movie from start to finish.  And do.  Often.

18. I'm not sure I've ever played a poker game and not stolen chips from someone.  Usually from the poet.

19. I take a Flinstones vitamin every day.  My favorite is purple.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Good luck to everyone who is racing, especially in Philly - I'll see you there!

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  1. I was surprised not to like the choc-raspberry Roctane since I love chocolate GU and love the combination, but it was kinda not great. Gu burps are the strangest shit, though.

    GO KATIE GO!!!!

  2. #8 This is because I have a carton of almond milk in the fridge, isn't it?

    #18 Now I know not to sit anywhere near you at poker night. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. How does someone "not like cheesesteak"? It's cheese, and steak, and veg, all cooked up and served hot on a warm whitebread roll? It's fabulous. I must now get a cheesesteak for lunch, damn you.

    And I often wonder about soy milk too. Where does that come from? There is no such thing as a soy titty? Soybean plants don't have nipples, and you can only milk stuff that has nipples. Almond trees are nipless too. They should call it juice. Even coconut water isn't fucking water. It looks more like milk than anything else.

  4. #8 scares me as well! It just doesn't seem natural.

    #5 I agree with. On can never own enough workout clothes. I always have to tell myself to put the hooded sweat shirt back, that I don't need it, but I buy it anyways :)

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  5. Ummm.. Scotland is pretty much the most beautiful place on earth.

    Also... GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!!!!!!!! School some bitches!

  6. I loved Scotland. GO.
    I'm less suspicious of almond milk than soy milk, FWIW.
    GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN this weekend at the Philly half!!

  7. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand a text after the race. DEMAND! :)

  8. Awesome list of randoms. Chocolate raspberry roctane on my to buy list now. love my flintstone vitamins and eat 3 every day and it has to be a orange, red and a purple one, you peed 6 times last night? WHAT?Have a great weekend, good luck!

  9. You should be excited!!! You have the world's #1 good idea person running it with you!!

  10. I also take a Flintstones vitamin every day! I think the peach ones are super weird.

  11. omg. i feel like i cannot ever stop buying bananas. every other day it feels like i need more! and #9---i feel the same way about the tri berry flavor.

  12. We buy nearly 9 lbs of bananas every 3-4 days in our house.

    Almond milk is all I drink but it helps that I have small hands to milk them.

    And without fail you continue to entertain me to the fullest.

    OWN THAT RACE!!! RAWR!!!!!

  13. You don't have to get "excited" about history - just like most people don't get excited about sitting on their bike seat for 4+ hours ;)

    I bet it drives the poet CRAZY when you steal his chips. I've seen the Poker-master in action, I KNOW.

    Almond milk is a big mystery. As is the reason that ANYONE "likes" cheesesteaks. Blech.

  14. BAH, I almost forgot.

    1:50 or Bust. That's all I want to hear!

  15. I love reading these posts. Agreed on #6 that's why I buy 6 inch heels though....

  16. The kids gummy vitamins have me hooked. I have a hard time just eating two. If I O.D., you'll know why.

    Have a great time this weekend.

    I also did a very late RFF at Fat Biscuit.

  17. I love my Animal Parade vitamins :)

    Coming down with Christy for the half. good luck if I don't see you!

  18. I'm seriously laughing out loud at the space heater thing. That's sooooo me. And yeah- I am with you on historical monuments. BO-RING!

  19. #1: First it was milk in cereal, now its cheesesteaks? Sigh....

    #3: YES! Scotland/Scotch tasting bicycle tour! Prolly heavier on the Scotch side though...

    #17: Have you seen the Ghostbuster's firehouse in Manhattan? Its across from this great Scotch/Whisky bar. See a theme I am establishing here?

    Cya this weekend! Its gonna be EPIC!

  20. #5. It is actually impossible to own too many Nike half zips. Truth.

    Have a GREAT race!!!

  21. Good Luck!!! I usually only wanna puke from nerves not excitement... If I get excited I clutch my fists and start to shake or break into a happy dance...

  22. your RFFs are fun to read- I don't know how you come up with so many unless you are taking notes during your own conversations! good luck in the race :)

  23. 100% agree with number 5 although other brands are acceptable too.

  24. #8. The same way you milk a muscle.

  25. Fun list. Several had me laughing. I wish you'd come to my house and eat all the leftover 'nobody likes' purple vitamins. :) Good luck racing and what's a Nike half zip. BTW, tried almond milk the other day and LOVE it. I'm pretty lacto intollerant or was big time as a kid so I'm not a fan of milk. Good to meet you, I'm now following. -Jessica


  26. #2: I noticed this when you came to Boston a couple of years ago.

    #3: For that very reason, I might not take you with me when I go to Scotland someday. Unless you grovel...

    Also, I miss you.

  27. SIX?????

    Scotland is lovely, but Wales is equally beautiful and only slightly more densely populated. It doesn't get anything like the press Scotland does either, even though Portmeirion is there. Amazing place. Ever see the original Prisoner series? It was filmed there.


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