random friday facts

1. I wish I had more artistic handwriting instead of my weird little scribbles.

2. I don't like soup.

3. I won a tee-shirt on the radio when I was 8 years old for telling the joke of the morning.  (Thanks for all the jokes yesterday, BTW.)

4. I don't eat eggs, which means in general I don't like going out for breakfast or brunch.

5. My house only has one full-size closet.  I have very serious closet envy.  I used to have baseboard molding envy.

6. Still haven't turned the heat on (except for a few hours while the redheads were here).

7. Molly likes to blow bubbles in her water bowl.  I do the same thing in the pool when I'm procrastinating starting a tough set.

8. There is only one lamp in my house that I actually like.

9. I hate putting frozen blueberries in my smoothie because it leaves crazy black bits in my teeth.

10. I can't remember the last time I bought new underwear (not including C9 sports bras from Target).

11. I despise corporate slang.  "In the weeds" is my current most-hated phrase.

12. I think bluetooth is the devil.

13. I got a bunch of page views yesterday from what turned out to be a porn site.  HELLO MY NAME IS KATIE WANT TO SEE A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF MY ASS?

14. I can't stand it when people post identical updates from multiple social media accounts.  I will unfollow one - or all - of your accounts if you do this.

15. I have to have two pillows when I sleep.

16. I'm a sucker for great race swag.

17. I wish I lived in a place where there were more months of awesome cycling.  DC = 4 months of 100º+ weather and 5 months of 40º- weather.  

18. My "not eating meat" tendencies have fallen to the side since my off-season started. 

19. I did mile repeats with music last night at the track.  It was weird.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Sorry that I sucked at linking everyone last week, but here are a few...let me know if you RFF'd and I'll add you!

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  1. I won a radio contest for clucking like a chicken when I was about 8... My mom even recorded it.

  2. I won tickets to Blues Alley once from WPFW. That was nice!

    I did my (short) RFF.

  3. (I'm picturing you wearing that neon pink pullover from our June race) Why is it odd to do repeats with music? I have specific playlists for speed workouts!

  4. When I was like 10 I won a trip to Disney World for entering a "World's Greatest Mom" contest and writing a story, poem, and drawing a picture of my mom. How ironic is it that it was also right about that time my mom started being the worst mom ever and now we no longer have a relationship?

    I still think it's weird you don't have egss.

    I love that when you talk about your house now I can actually envision it.

    I turned on my heat last night for LPT.

    I'm totally guilty of posting identical updates. You better not unfollow/unfriend me.

  5. I'm totally sad you don't like to go out to brunch. You know there are waffles and pancakes and french toast there too, right?? And coffee?

    And I did RFF today too! :)

  6. I can only sleep with one pillow!

  7. I did a RFF this week!
    And I thought I was the only one who thought identical post updates on different sites were tacky!

  8. Missed you on the track. And I love C9 sports bras

  9. Good ones! I hate "in the weeds" too it just popped up I didn't see that one coming. Another one is "out of the loop" stop complaining about being out of the loop people!!!

    I think we need some video of Molly blowing bubbles in her water bowl. :-)

  10. I'm a two pillow person as well, otherwise I feel like my head is upside down.

    RFF done :)

  11. love these posts! i have to have 2 pillows as well...absolutely necessary in order to sleep well!

  12. I hate corporate slang too! Especially " coming down the pike". WTH is a pike anyway?

  13. My dad won a bunch of stuff on a radio program because they were having electrical problems (the lights kept flickering) and they asked for an electrician to call in. My dad called in and then went in to fix their lights. After that, he was known as Jeff the Electrician by the morning DJs.

    I've never won anything on the radio, but I have about a .750 batting average at small raffles.

  14. Move to Texas. We have 2 months of 25-35* weather, 4 months of 60-90* weather and 6 months of 100* weather. It's perfect.

    What does 'in the weeds' mean? I left corporate america about 2 years ago and so I'm out of the loop on this type of talk......

  15. Normally I'm not much of a soup person either - I only like it with bread for dippin'.

    I'll join you in the closet-envy club; we have two TINY closets, and are in dire need of an IKEA trip for some extra options. Oh, first world problems.

  16. I share your hatred off eggs. Thus, french toast and I are best friends :)

  17. We have so much in common in this post and I've been meaning to comment since I read it:
    1-5 we are opposites tho
    6, I still sleep with a fan on. Who needs heat in the winter?
    11. Corporate Slang in the WORST. I don;t even understand half the shit the highups say.
    12. Bluetooth is for tools., especially the earpiece
    14. THIS IS MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IN THE WORLD!!! Well that and tweetting while running a marathon...
    15. Currently in bed with three pillows

    THANKS for this post, it made me smile tons.

  18. #11 I keep a running list of all the asinine phrases I hear in meetings. Use it once then all the attendees start using it too.
    Circle back around
    Dialog (instead of discuss)
    Table that
    To your point (meaning, I heard you, but I think your idea is dumb)


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