random friday facts

1. I held my nose while swimming until I was.....27?

2. I think compression socks make my knees look fat.

3. The registration page for my spring 70.3 has been open in a tab for at least a month now.  I'm not sure why I can't pull that trigger.

4. I don't understand why a gas stove is better than electric.

5. We don't own an iron.

6. Gravy is disgusting.

7. It takes me 17 strokes to swim 25 yards.

8. I love doing karaoke ("Papa Was a Rolling Stone" is always a fave) in trashy bars.

9. I constantly "clean up" the refrigerator by putting things on shelves in an order that I don't really understand.

10. I'm still not completely sure that I'm doing the meters to yards conversion correctly, but it doesn't matter because that OWS always feels long and REALLY boring.

11. I read a lot of personal finance blogs.  I wish I could write one but my financial life just isn't that interesting, and I don't think I should rack up $400000 in debt just so I can blog about getting out of it.

12. If I ever popped out a kid, it would be taking piano lessons, on the swim team and going to Sunday school until it got shipped off to college.  Life skills.

13. We're thinking about moving.

14. I wish I was the kind of woman who wore really high heels, drank coffee and owned lots of scarves.  Instead I'm sitting on the bed in my underpants drinking Powerade Zero and talking to my puppies.

15. I like training for triathlon much more than race day.

16. It makes me really sad when Molly gets the hiccups.

And, not random, but just a fact: I will not be running Richmond this weekend.

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  1. I also love to train better than racing...feel better soon!!

  2. :( No miracle cure? I think that calls for more ice cream! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I love cleaning up the refrigerator. And then the tall girl puts something back in the wrong place and I get all annoyed.

  4. I think racking up $400k in debt would actually be awesome for a bunch of reasons, not just the resulting get-out-of-debt blog. Do you know how many tri's, vacations, cool gear, etc you could get with that money?? I say DO IT!

  5. [ WARNING****foodie dork response ]

    Because you can control the heat better. Electric heats up and cools down slowly (unless you have a fancy induction range), so you tend to have burning and/or slow response when you need heat. We paid big bucks to extend the gas line to our kitchen when we moved in. However, you do want an electric oven because it heats more evenly.

    I wear very high heels, drink coffee and have about 30 scarves - which should blow the image of "that woman" as anything truly interesting :)

  6. I wear high heels, scarves, and drink coffee but also can often be found dancing with my corgi puppy in my underwear to bad music.

    Training is way better than the actual race.

    Please feel better soon!

  7. Rest up and get better! Then go beat the crap out of a race course!

  8. #3 ditto. When I get home tonight it's happening, k?

  9. I'd much rather be the one sitting on the bed in my underpants drinking Powerade Zero and talking to my puppies.


    gotta agree-compression socks don't do much for my knees either.

    feel better

  10. Sorry to hear you're not running, but it's probably a good decision. Get well soon!

  11. 4. I don't understand why a gas stove is better than electric.
    Gas heats more evenly than electric. You can control it better as well than electric. I have electric and I hate it.

    PLUS you can char on a gas stove (roasted peppers) that you cannot do on electric and those coils are just ugly.

    17 strokes to swim 25 yards? Can you help me out? It takes me anywhere between 22 ands 25. You must be a gliding fool in the water.....damn!

  12. Gravy IS disgusting!

    I've also given up on being the high heel lady. I'm much to casual to pull it off.

    Sorry you have to give up Richmond, but sounds like it was the best choice in the long run. So I think I'll revise my time guessitmate now. What do I win? :P

    RFF done too!

  13. 17 strokes per length of the pool is not bad at all. When I joined the RAM swim team, the coaches had me going from 19 strokes per length to 12-14 strokes per. It's really the best way to measure increased efficiency in the water. and of course, when you can cover the same distance in 14 strokes with the same effort level, it means your efficiency has increased and you are getting faster. That's how fast people swim so dang fast, it's all about form and efficiency not muscle power.

    Where are you thinking about moving too? If you're thinking about going farther south, you might want to change your position on gravy.

    I read financial blogs too and I'm still shit broke. It's like gaining 300 lbs just so you qualify to go on the biggest loser and drop it all.

  14. Which spring 70.3? I am still searching for one

    I'd like a gas ranged top, double electric wall oven. Id LOVE a hibachi griddle with hood

  15. Oh you're thinking about moving huh? Really. Imagine that....

  16. Where are you thinking of moving to? That's always an exciting, scary prospect...

    Held your nose so you swam one armed?!?!!

  17. Okay...

    A: You can be the high-heel lady if you want to. You must not want it enough. :P

    B: You can blog about me getting out of debt. It'll be fun. And life-long.

  18. I think getting into debt just for the sake of blogging seems like a great idea! Just think how fun it would be!

  19. Boo - I am sorry you are still sick and not racing this weekend! Feel better fast! Which spring 70.3 are you thinking about? PS - I think 17 strokes for 25 yards is pretty darn good.

  20. Gas stoves heat up much faster, and provide a more 'thorough' heat! So, really, they're only better for snobby cooks (and the wannabes, like mahself).

    Ironing? Psh.

    Richmond? Sad, but smart. Get healthy! Then race.

  21. Move to Arlington. We could run during lunch. ;o) Sorry about Richmond but sounds like the smart choice. Feel better soon!

    I'll just be sitting here with strep throat, quarantined from the rest of the world...

  22. Sorry about the half. Feel better.
    Gas is better than electric but I have always had gas so do I really know that?
    Woodstove heat is the best heat of all.

  23. Sorry you didn't get to do Richmond. A move-- really! You guys have put so much effort into your house! Pull that 70.3 trigger now!

  24. #2, truth. But not just you, all of us. All that squeezing has to go somewhere! But I love em.
    #14 Yes. I own zero pairs of heels. I bought a few scarves last year but only know one way to tie them and always wear them with jeans and a tee shirt so I think that pretty much cancels it out. Sigh.
    I'm sorry about Richmond. I know that is super disappointing.

  25. It's my first time dealing with an electric stove, and here's what I hate: I turn on the gas, I know how high the flame is, and guess what? The flame is hot right away! With electric, I don't know how long it takes to get the coils hot and make a difference. I end up burning the food at the bottom of the pot too many times, while with gas? Never happened. Plus, when the power goes out, guess what is still working? Cooking by candlelight totally possible with a gas stove!

  26. And one more thing: after my favorite karaoke dive bar (Royal Lee Bar & Grill) shut its doors a couple of years ago, I used to go to LA Bar on Columbia Pike in Arlington for my karaoke fix. Not sure if you've been, but it's a blast and they have great burgers!


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