three things thursday

1. I'm feeling pretty massively overwhelmed by life right now.  I'm swamped at work, we have some things cooking at home that are keeping us busy, and somehow I'm supposed to run a half marathon next weekend. I'm glad that I'm not in a rigid training schedule right now as I'd be feeling guilty about my serious inability to adhere to it.  If I can get through about next Monday, things should calm down a bit and I can hopefully catch up on the rest of life - both my own and yours!

2. I still haven't decided on a goal for Richmond.  I'd like to set some sort of rough time goal just so I have a place to start as far as pace.  I was hoping that the 14+ I ran last weekend would give me a good idea of where I am, but that 14 was coming off the highest-mileage week I've had since February and my tired legs gave me a big fat middle finger when I tried to pick it up a bit at the end.  I'm planning on running 8-10 this weekend on more rested legs and am hoping that gives me a better sense of where I'm at.

3. I'm going back out to Active Spine and Sport next week for my gait check-up.  I'm still dealing with a tight right adductor and hip flexor, which tells me that as much as I feel like I've made some big improvements with my gait, I'm not quite there yet.  Hopefully he'll give me a tiny weird exercise to do that will be the final tweak to what has been a very long process of fixing my broken ass.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I'm drowning over here, leave me a knock-knock joke or something to laugh at if you would.


  1. I am officially declaring Richmond to be about cookies and not running. Obviously. I mean, there are cookies at aid stations on the course! The race directors are clearly trying to tell us something.

  2. Re. Richmond: How 'bout splitting the difference between your 1:50 goal and the 2-hour mark? If you need a pacer to squeak by under 2 hours, I'm your gal. If you need to go faster than, say, 1:55, you'll need someone younger and faster.

  3. A school teacher asked a student, "John, will you please conjugate the verb 'to go' for the class?" The kid began, "I go... um... you go... ehmm... he goes..." "How about a little faster?" asks the teacher. And the kid, "Sure! I run, you run, she runs..."
    View Running Sports Joke

    Sorry it's the best I could do on short notice!

  4. A mole family woke up one morning.
    "What is that I smell?"
    The moles crawled up their tunnel toward the surface to check things out, Daddy Mole first, then Mommy Mole, then Baby Mole last.

    "I smell syrup!" said the Daddy Mole.
    "I smell honey!" said the Mommy Mole.
    Baby Mole said, "All I smell is MOLE-ASSES."

  5. A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop.

  6. Lucky for you, I have been eating Laffy Taffy all day.

    Q: What does a pig put on his cut?
    A: Oinkment

    Q: What do you call a chicken crossing the road?
    A: Poultry in Motion

    Yep! Those are the two best from the 32 pieces I have eaten so far today. Ha.

  7. What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Dam!

  8. oh ok! i know a great knock knock joke.

    you start.

  9. bahaha. some of these jokes are awesome. so i pretty much suck at jokes though. dang it. but i am totally pulling for you and hope things get better for you!

  10. You seemed pretty chipper after that 14-er! Take those rested legs and see what they're up for this weekend, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

    Hm, I laughed at this yesterday -

  11. No joke here. Ultra running girl's is too good to try to top.

  12. I hope life calms down for you ASAP! And good luck in Richmond! You have more motivation than I currently do. You couldn't pay me to run a race right now, I am THAT lazy.

  13. Good luck with that broke ass Katie. Don't sweat the half, with your fitness level it should be a walk in the park.

  14. Best Blonde Joke in the World Ever. It's even better when you say it out loud.

    Blonde lady walks into a library, and says to the librarian: "Excuse me, do you sell kebabs?"
    The librarian looks at her, and replies simply: "No. This is a library."
    The blonde gets a little flustered and embarrassed, and responds: "I'm so sorry!" *drops her voice to a whisper* "Do you sell kebabs?"

  15. A bear walks into a bar. He says, "I'd like a Bud....................................Light."
    The bartender asks, "Why the big pause?"
    The bear waves at the bartender with both hands...
    "'Cause I'm a BEAR!"

    Bwahahahahaha! I crack myself up sometimes.

  16. How about no time goal, and no watch?

  17. Hope Dr. Maggs give you good news about your gait! Sorry stuff is so busy, but it's better than not being busy enough! :-)

  18. Knock, Knock!
    Who's there?
    Madam who?
    Madam hip flexor is still killin me!

  19. I hope it feels better after your visit to AS&S

  20. Why couldn't the pirates see a movie? Because it was rated ... ARRRGGGHHH! I sympathize about the difficulty of formulating a time goal for a half or full marathon where you're not looking to run hard. It's like a pass-fail class—you have to decide very early on how much effort to expend so you don't screw yourself. And yet, setting that goal early on defeats the whole mentality. Good luck, have fun and let your legs set the pace!


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