the really very important things post

Usually blog-chain-letter-type trends make me pretty stabby.  To be fair, a whole whopping lot of things make me stabby: people who stand on the left side of the escalator, people who spit when they talk, when the toilet paper is put on upside-down, etc.  But I kind of like this one that has been floating around, and in the interest of propagating self-absorbtion through blogging (isn't that the whole point of blogging?), I've decided to stamp and send the chain onwards.  (Many of these posts exist under the "I LOVE THESE" tab on the blog but I can only be modest for so long).
My Most Beautiful Post
Calling a post "beautiful" makes me snort protein-yogurt ooge out of my nose.  However, the "post that made the highest number of people email me to say that they were crying at work" was the letter I wrote myself on my 30th birthday.  It actually one of my favorites as well, and I have no idea how I'm going to top it when I turn 31 in a few months.
My Most Popular Post
See?  Blogging is one big popularity contest, just like high school was.  The post with the highest number of hits on it was the post where Susan Lacke showed me that I really did want to sign up for an Ironman - over 3000 hits in a single day.  I have to believe it has something to do with the amount of times the word "fuck" was used in a single post.
Another popular post was the one where everyone emailed me to tell me that we are the same, which is comforting, because I'm a fucking disaster in general.  
My Most Controversial Post
I'm not sure it's a single post, but the most controversial topic I've discussed is the subject of rest.  Fake rest days, active rest days, lots of rest days.  For some reason, a few of my very well-meaning friends are a little bit cranky about the amount and type of rest I should be taking in any given cycle at any given time.  Right now, I'm taking at least one full rest day AND one strength-training/yoga-only day a week (rest from cardio) and that seems to be keeping me pretty happy.  
My Most Helpful Post
I do not have either the desire or the ability to be helpful, but I made a serious attempt in my lifting post (which I now realize is completely out of date and should be updated, hmm).  I also think that my gait analysis post would be helpful to anyone that has experienced the exact same string of injuries I have.  If you're out there, what's UP!?  Let's grab a beer.
Oh, and the posts I did on mantras were really helpful to me (it's all about me, don't forget!), because they gave me lots of good stuff to think about while I'm running.  Thanks, y'all!
A Post I Feel Didn't Get The Attention It Deserved
I've told my story quite a few times on the blog, but I told it from the view of my weight and am still pretty pissy that a few people didn't comment on it.  DON'T YOU GUYS KNOW I'M AWESOME?  I also told my story the first time when the blog was very young and I was excited to get a single comment.  It's explaining why I run.
The Post I Am Most Proud Of
Why, that one is easy.  My National Half race report.  Otherwise known as, "How To Have a Great Race With a Debilitating Back Injury."
All right, so that should keep you guys busy until work is out for the day.  You'd better go read each and every one of these posts and leave at least three comments per post or I'll know that you didn't read them.  I ALWAYS KNOW.
Also, I'm not tagging anyone because I can see at least 15 of these posts waiting for me in my reader but if you haven't done this post yet, well, WTF are you waiting for?  Especially if your blog is only 12 posts long.  If you don't do this post, you will have bad luck for at least 7 years.  Or maybe it's just 7 minutes, I'm not really clear on the rules because I'm too busy realigning my sacrum every 4 hours and trying to get these goddamned compression socks on.