random friday facts

1. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day.

2. Getting a bikini wax makes me sweat.

3. Last night I had 2 beers and no ice cream.  I think I just broke a year-long ice cream streak.

4. I always read before going to sleep.

5. I must empty the dehumidifier the SECOND I hear the beep.

6. That rhymed.  I hate things that rhyme.

7. Running in the summer didn't bother me nearly as much when I was a slower runner.

8. My aunt has 6 toes on one of her feet.  When I was a little kid, I would crawl under the table and count them.

9. I got mad at my credit card company so now I pay my bill the day it is due instead of the day after I get the bill like I used to.  You can't have my money until I say so, bitches!

10. I have very low blood pressure.  My resting HR is 44.

11. I tend to find a small lump or mark on my body and get really stressed out about it.  I repeatedly convince myself I'm dying of some weird lump disease.  And then it turns out to be a bug bite.

12. I read a lot of trashy books with pink covers.  I think I'm still recovering from being in school for so long.

13. I don't drink coffee.  

14. I cuss a lot more in real life than I do on the internet.  

15. I still eat chicken.

16. I don't want kids, but I already know what their names would be.  At least the boy.  If I had a girl, I would send it back.

17. I keep no icons in my computer dock.  I launch everything from Spotlight (this is a Mac thing, PC peeps).

18. Speaking of Mac thing, I am not firmly on either side of the Mac/PC war.  I was a PC user for many years.  I switched to Mac when I went back to grad school because of my magpie-like tendency to gravitate towards shiny things.  I still use one because my company uses them (and they are still very shiny), but I don't hate PCs.  It's just different.

19. Someone found my blog this week by searching for "group showers with a chicken."  Hello, new best friend!

20. I'm still thinking about it.

2 non-random pieces of information....
1. I've noticed a LOT of people joining in on the RFF trend.  Drop me a note if you post one and I'll link you.

2. I'm finally moving, this weekend.  runthisamazingday.com is where all the awesomeness will be, starting with Monday's post.  Coming straight to the blogspot site will automatically redirect you but you will have to update your RSS readers.  If you update your reader now, you will get an error until I redirect the site (probably Saturday afternoon after I get done chewing on the Reston course).  That's okay.  Just leave it in there and the error will go away once I've moved.  See you there!

Oh, and on that note, I'm un-Google Connect following people and adding addresses directly to my RSS reader instead so I can sort/read blogs better.  I'm still reading all of you guys, I promise, I'm just being a little more OCD about it.  (Show of hands of people who are surprised?)


  1. How do you do it, eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day?!!! I've been doing it just for one week and am tired of it... Gonna try again next week. Any particular reasons you are moving sites?

  2. What are your breakfast & lunch meals? I like to eat similar things over and over too, but changes depending on how lazy I am that morning.

  3. "I'd send a girl back" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    My pulse/BP are so low, I have been known to pass out when giving blood -- or last Saturday, when watching a gruesome scene on TV. Damned if I didn't half keel over on the sofa and freak out BD.

  4. "Group showers with a chicken."

    Special. :)

  5. I love love love your blog! A lot of your posts are similar to mine-(e.x. both of us have horrible, evil IT bands) anyways I'd love to join in on RFF :)

  6. I eat ice cream every night too. Just a little bit, but it's a nice ritual for me! I'm with you on the no kids thing, but if I had a boy I'd send it back. :-) Have a great weekend, Katie!

  7. Fun Friday Fact for you - whenever I read your blog, I remember the version of "I thank you God" that my high school choir sang once... Then I start humming it to myself... then I start singing it to myself.... Then my coworkers start to complain. Awkward!

  8. You must be a freak
    or I'm clearly unique,
    as I'd spend my last dime
    to make everything rhyme,
    and if you follow the blog
    of this super great dog,
    then you have to like poems
    or I won't share any of my bones
    with Molly or with Graham
    so girl, get with the program.

  9. Posted a RFF of my own, thanks for the idea!

  10. You curse more in person than on the internet? Is that possible? LOL!!!!

    I like the fact that you just say you don't want kids. Most people kill me for saying that (I have a step-son) because it has become some sort of you must do this....when I ask why their response is you'll be a great dad. Really? How do you know? What makes you so sure? It drives me nuts so good for you for being honest about kids.

  11. haha! love these random facts. okay the one about your aunt really had me laughing. happy friday!

  12. "If I had a girl, I would send it back" is one of the funniest things I've ever heard you say (or write, whatever). I nearly spit out the chocolate milk I was drinking.

    On #2: yes, but the end result is so worth the sweating.

  13. Dash's comment just made me forget everything I was going to just comment. HILARIOUS!

  14. you are so smart to listen to your body. Excellent post!

  15. No ice cream???! Sad.

    I also eat the same thing for lunch every day. For breakfast I pretty much rotate between the same two or three things (I know, such variety, crazy).

  16. a whole hot mess of radomness!!! i love the RFF!!!! maybe next friday i will start!

  17. Omg, "If I have a girl, I'll send it back." Brutal honest, at its best.

    What's RFF?

    I wish I could still get by without coffee - I've realized I get a massive headache around 10 a.m. when I get all cocky and think I "don't want any". It makes me sweat in the summer though, yum.

  18. I don't even know what the hell RSS stands for but I hope I can still find your blog.

    Does it bother your aunt that she can't run in Vibrams?

  19. Same breakfast and lunch, oh yes. I once ate the same frozen meal (Smart Ones baked ziti) for 2 straight years. I have no food imagination.
    Don't send your imaginary little girl back, you can raise her to be a bad ass like her mama!!!

  20. Hahah, these crack me up. I love the blog search term, ridiculous. I have gotten some random ones, too, but I don't know if they were that good. I did however get some funny searches that brought them to my mud run post. I don't think that was really what they were looking for when they googled "dirty girls" or whatever, lol!

    No more thinking, just signing up;).

    And yay for the move!!


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