of resting and sunning and beer

The complete-rest manifesto is going quite well.

The first step was three complete days off.  (Foodies, avert your eyes).  I ate nothing but cupcakes and cheesy beer bread muffins and homemade pizza and drank beer and didn't count grams of protein and turned down workout dates and it was everything I had ever dreamed it would be.  Until about halfway through the second day, when I started to crave vegetables.  And then on the third day, where I could not force another pink-frosted cupcake down my throat and drank muscle milk by choice and was itchy and irritable and bored (and rested!) at 4pm.  I managed to force myself to go out to dinner with friends and drink a beer sampler and eat (gasp!) meat, but I was ready to move again.  So when Lauren suggested a ride the next morning, I was thrilled to BE thrilled to say yes.  Our ride was both easy-paced and short, but my legs were pretty happy to move again.  And we spent the rest of the day sunning by the pool.

In a nod to our country's birthday, I took another day off in order to spend time eating and drinking with friends (a theme is emerging).  Monday morning brought a triathlete invasion of WL where I had the best (and longest) swim workout since I was in my training cycle for Kinetic.  I'll go to the hill workout tonight because I'm starting to get revved up about Reston, but I don't really have anything planned for the next few days except maybe a yoga class.  I feel good about it, I feel like my head is on straight and I'm not exhausted all the time and I was actually pumped to get in the pool yesterday.  And all the resting I'm doing now is starting to get me psyched up for August 1

As it has turned out, I've managed to take a week - or longer - completely off from every discipline.  My first ride post-Total 200 was over a week after the ride.  It was a week exactly between swim workouts, and today marks a week since I've run, and it won't happen today, and maybe not tomorrow, either.  See, I started wearing the hot pink shoes last week when they showed up in the mail.  I only wore them for an hour or two a day, and then I would start to feel some awareness on my shin and swap them out.  On Saturday, after riding, I stopped by the gym to do a slightly longer PT session (I have no weights at my house, I KNOW).  There's a small basketball court (maybe 2/3 the size of a real court) at my gym, so I decided to just do a few short strides the length of the court to see how the shoes felt.  And it felt great - I felt light and fast and aware of what was going on.  I spent the afternoon floating around in the pool, but then came home and had been cleaning for about two hours when I noticed my left heel was aching.  I changed into my normal wear-around sneakers, but Sunday morning it was painful to get out of bed, and I have a visible bruise on the inside of my heel.  

Thinking back, of course, I recall that when I was trying out shoes a few weeks ago, the Nike Frees gave me immediate feedback that I was heel-striking (pain) so I adjusted my stride, but I didn't feel that pain in the Kinvaras.  At the time, I thought it was because maybe I was adjusting my stride around it, but now I think it's because there is just a tiny bit more cushioning in the heel of the Kinvaras, which masked heel-strike pain when I did a few strides but didn't prevent me from bruising.  And I maybe should have chosen a softer surface (grass inside the track?) instead of the hard floor of the basketball court to try this out.  I'm not actually that concerned about it - it's a bruise and will heal - although I am a bit irritated at missing my Tuesday morning glute-busting hill workout because of it, but it's all part of experimentation and I'd rather find it out now than in a peak week of half IM training.  

How was your long weekend?  Was it full of friends and babies and beer and puppies and burgers and bug spray like mine?