a month of healing

Let's see how it went...

June Goals
Don't try and PR on purpose.  Run for fun.  No PR's for me!
Have lots of grill parties (who wants to come over?) Lots, indeed, with more to come...
Get sucked into 500 mile cycling challenge (sigh). Check!  Total 200 made this one easy.
Get my tight ass back in a yoga class. So happy to say check!  I went to several of my favorite yoga classes this month!
Stop being a baby and go back to the scary hill workout. Does it count if I went, but called it because of thunder and lightening?
Give tempeh one more chance.  But that's it, tempeh, you hear me? Yeah, me and tempeh, we're never gonna be friends.

Plus a bonus check - I finally made the spaghetti squash!!
Yesterday I spent some time looking back through the month.  It was easy to see why I was feeling tired and overwhelmed - I was busy every weekend either running a race or riding or both.  There are times in my life where I love to go out and race, even if I'm not in racing shape, even if there's no possible way I'll PR, just because I love the energy and the atmosphere and being with friends.  The flip side of that is what I'm discovering now - it's a bit exhausting, especially during the heat of the summer, and even more so when I'm focusing on healing a lingering injury.  So I've decided to rest.  I don't know what July is going to bring, but I'm hoping somewhere along the way I'll get my mojo back.  
I will say this - the simple act of making the decision to rest and doing it for just one day has already recharged my batteries a bit.  I'm going to continue being lazy for a while, but I'm happy to see that storm already passing.

The good news about this month is that I've been able to see strong and significant progress in healing my hip/psoas/butt problems.  I can't remember the last time I had such a good - and short - experience in PT, but everything he throws at me, I am doing in spades, and I am seeing and feeling quick results.  It's still going to be a long road of fixing my form back to running the way I want to, but now I can see clearly what I need to do on my own.  I feel hopeful about running in a way I haven't in a long time.  

Miles run: 58
Times I got in the pool: 4
Times I got in the pool and swam more than 2000 yards or did a speck of speed work: 0 (Ummm...)
Cupcakes eaten in the last 48 hours: 9
Hill workouts done slowly that felt great on my butt: 2
Hill workouts done slowly that didn't irritate my IT band: 1
Drunk dials: 3
Weeks that I rode over 100 miles: All.
Long rides that resulted in Pinched Crotch Syndrome: 1
Old (brand-new) pairs of shoes sold on ebay: 4
Pairs of hot pink shoes purchased with ebay money: 1

July Goals
Sleep as much as you can.  Half IM training is coming.
Try and get rid of the triathlete tan.
Hill workouts.  Stop whining.  Enough said.
Get a freaking hair cut!
Dead lift 100lbs (more than one set of two reps).  
Yoga and swimming are good recovery activities.  More of this.

How did June go for you?  What are your goals for July?