random friday facts

RFF side note: Thanks to everyone for such overwhelming support yesterday.  You guys make me feel pretty pumped about what's to come.  Much more on all of this next week; for now, it's random friday fact time!

1. I met Richard Dreyfuss once.  He came in the Apple Store and I fixed his computer.

2. I have only paid for a race picture once in my life, and that's because it was the worst race picture I'd ever taken.

3. I really appreciate proper usage of the semi-colon.

4. My books are organized like this: separated into categories that only make sense to me, author's last name, title.  And the ones I'm embarrassed to own are mostly in the basement.

5. I get mad at my shuffle when it plays too many songs in a row by the same artist.  That's not shuffling!

6. I have no desire to hang up or display my race medals, but the bib from every race I've ever run is in a big clip on my fridge, and on the back I write the distance, time, and date.

7. Somehow I'm getting worse at planks, not better.

8. I need it to be completely dark to sleep, but am more than a little scared of the dark.

9. I think it's a little creepy when people name their kids when they are barely pregnant.  Don't you want to meet them first?

10. I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight.  Please don't spoil the end for me before then!

11. A month or so ago, I bought the most expensive pair of sunglasses I've ever purchased in my life ($39, they match my bike, shut up).  They are still intact.  It's a miracle.

12. I've completely stopped wearing makeup to work.

13. I've had to shower every day this week.  Rude.

14. I'm afraid my rhododendron is dying.

15. Sometimes I go back through my twitter and delete stupid things I've said.  Not often, though.

16. I don't like knuckle-cracking.

17. I'm thinking about giving up ice cream for Poconos.

And last week's RFF posters linked here!  If you RFF this week (or did last week and I missed you, sorry about that, let me know and I'll update it), drop me a comment and I'll link you!
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Have a GREAT weekend everyone!  Lots of luck to everyone racing!


  1. Rhododendrons just die. That is my conclusion after attempting many of them and being disappointed. But somehow my mother grew absolutely gorgeous ones.

  2. Ice cream is an important part of 70.3 training. All of the experts say so.

  3. Thanks for linking me :)

    Also, my sunglasses match my bike too

  4. I have all my bibs too. I write my finishing times on each of them, and then file away. Compulsive, moi? Hell no.

  5. I did RFF last week! http://bethgetsittogether.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/random-friday-facts-2/

    Also, seriously, how can you say it was the worst race picture ever and then not show it? Rude.

  6. Wait just a minute. Didn't you say in a blog less than a week ago you already knew what you'd name your son if you had one?

    Also, I can grow all kinds of outdoor magical garden food. But, keeping a houseplant alive? Not a chance.

  7. Thanks for the link! I just posted my facts :) I've only paid once for a race picture too, but because it was my first half marathon and I needed proof. And my shuffle has the same behavioral problem. And showering every day is overrated.

  8. Dont give up ice cream. It's one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer.

  9. You are super awesome at deadlifts. Nice job!

  10. I gave up on makeup at work years ago.
    I have a knuckle cracking problem that I've been trying to cure for years. I don't really like it when other people do it but I can't stop myself. So sad.

  11. giving up ice cream is like giving up breathing. don't do it. it will make you sad.

  12. How does one get worse at planks?

    You showered all week?!?!?! OMG!!! Should I send you some moisturizer?

    6 weeks!

  13. I love the idea of writing down your times on the bib numbers! I'm going to start doing that!

    I also did random friday facts :)

  14. You used to work in an apple store?? That's awesome!!:) I also am afraid of the dark but like it dark when I sleep. Thank goodness for husbands!

  15. is it weird that these random fact posts are often the highlist of my friday? christ don't answer that. Maybe I'll make one next week. :)

  16. First of all, SO EXCITED for you and your big race in 2012 - you will rock it! I know what you mean about the makeup - I think I've worn it twice in the past 6 months. I'm surprised I remember how to apply it.

  17. Dark. Yes, the moon shines right in to my bedroom since I had my trees cut down. I'm thinking about getting a sleep mask because it's cheaper than blackout curtains!

    Rff: I've never seen even ONE Harry Potter movie. I have nothing against Harry, just never did. Maybe someday.

  18. Others are RFF-ing?! I love this. The Series is a live!

    I always get a little excited about these posts, because your random things are awesome & usually I think "oh, I'm not the only one who does/says/thinks that" ;)

    For example, Book organization (I'm crazier about it with CDs), sunglasses, the "dark" (I hate when D is gone, I usually leave a light on somewhere...).

  19. Tell at least a couple of the books you are embarrassed to own. Mine are organized in a boring way by author.


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