random friday facts

1. Everything goes in the dryer.  Including spandex.  I KNOW.

2. I am having an incredibly difficult time typing/spelling this morning.

3. I always get up to pee once in the night and can go straight back to sleep.  If I get up twice, I'll be up for the rest of the night.

4. I make little piles all over my desk.

5. I can't stand unread emails, but I almost never check Facebook anymore.  The little red numbers used to haunt me, but not anymore!

6. My status is always "Busy" on Google chat.  

7. I went to the bike store yesterday later in the afternoon, after I'd had a work appointment.  One of my bike guys said, "Hey, I think this is the first time I've seen you not looking like a sweaty homeless person!" It made me proud.

8. Sometimes I am afraid to tell people I don't drink coffee.

9. I really like DailyMile, but I really don't like the overwhelming amount of fake "GOOD JOB!" that is there.  Or the people that post the exact same comment on everyone's workout every day.  

10. Graham likes to sleep under my work chair with his butt on my feet.  

11. The only good thing about summer running is that my upper lip isn't chapped all the time and my right shoulder isn't a frozen mass of wiped snot.

12. I take almost all of my showers at the gym.

13. Bad smells drive me crazy.

14. The first car I learned how to drive was stick, and all my cars were stick until 2008.  I miss it, I always felt like a race-car driver.

15. I do not pee in the pool, but sometimes when I push off the wall at the end of a hard effort, I feel like some might leak out, but then I realize by the time I get back, it will have floated away.  

16. I've been cramming a lot of last minute beer drinking in this week.  August 1 is Monday!

17. When I find something funny, I keep repeating it to myself over and over and cracking up.  Good thing I work alone in my basement.

18. I still don't think I know how to cook tofu correctly.  It always falls apart!

19. I often put things on my calendar after doing them, because I like the colored blocks.

20. I usually get the most amount of work done on Friday afternoons because it's very quiet.  

21. I slept for 11 hours last night.  Let's not talk about what time I went to bed to make that happen.

Happy Friday!  Drop me a note if you did a RFF today and I'll add the links throughout the day!

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