swim bike run drink

...all in the same 72 hours.

Friday I swam & Saturday I rode, so I thought it only appropriate that I run on Sunday.  I showed up to the Sunday morning long run with idle thoughts of something in the 6-8 range.  It's not time to start ramping up the long run yet, but I'd be happy to have a solid 8 going into training.  A friend showed up who was recovering from injury and was planning on 6, so I figured I'd do 6 with her and then decide if I wanted to tack on any extra.

We headed down the tow path towards Georgetown, and it was hot and steamy and even at 7am, being in the direct sunlight was rough.  By the time we turned around, I was really regretting my decision to leave my handheld water bottle in the car ("It's only 6, who needs water for 6?"  I'm a genius).  By the time I hit 4 I had to stop and walk.  My HR monitor doesn't work for some reason, usually showing my HR somewhere in the mid-200s, but this time I believed it.  Whew.  I was able to finish out the 6 miles but was zapped.  And nothing was really bothering me while I ran, but by the time I got home, both of my IT bands, my psoas, and my right shin were all bothering me.  I started to get really cranky about it, but the fact that my shin was irritated tipped me off that it might be time for new shoes after all.  

One of my oldest friends (he was the first friend I made when I went to college!) came up for the weekend to visit and sneeze on the puppies.  When I got home from running, we had a huge pancake brunch then I took a nap for about an hour.  When I woke up, the poet was making lunch, so I had a veggie burger before we headed out to the Nats game!  We decided that the "water bottle beer" was the best way to kick off the afternoon.
Huge delays on the metro meant we didn't get to the game until about 30 minutes in.  We got pretty decent cheap seats and settled down to get drunk watch some baseball.
The game actually flew by.  No score until late and the last few innings went by quickly.
Our next stop was Matchbox in Chinatown, one of my favorite restaurants that I couldn't wait to share with Jamie.  We were staggering pretty hard by then, and he managed to paint me with his girly cocktail ginger snap as soon as it arrived.  Thank goodness for wicking technical tees!
We stuffed ourselves with pesto pizza and onion straws and then headed out for one more DC "must have."  I was uncomfortably full of pizza, water, and beer by that point, but when a man needs the frozenyo, you don't back down.
We headed home after this to lay on the coach and moan about how full we were and sip on chocolate raspberry vodka water.  It's been a long time since I've spent an entire day eating and drinking, but it's great to do it with an old friend (especially one who doesn't mind when you then pass out at 8pm because of your seriously low tolerance and lack of acclimation to eating like a pig and drinking like a fish).  

And I bought new shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11) yesterday and ran in them this morning at the hill workout.  It's still too early to make a total call on them, but my IT bands/shins were silent throughout, which is a huge improvement from Sunday.  I really like that the Adrenalines have less of a chunky heel than my 2150s, and actually a bit more forefoot cushioning than I remembered in the last pair I had - probably 6s or 7s.  They have a bit more stability in them than the 2150s, but they feel much lighter on my feet.  I ran in these for several years, and sliding on a pair was a very familiar feeling.  I think I'm going to really like them.  Welcome back, Brooks!  I've really missed you.