two-hill-workout tuesday

So, the way my schedule has unfortunately worked out, I've done NCVC hills on Monday night and CAR hills on Tuesday morning for the past few weeks.  I take both workouts pretty easy, but by the time CAR is over, I'm ready to give these legs some rest!  (Side note: Wednesday has been a rest day for the past few weeks, don't get your rest day panties in a twist!)

Monday night generally looks like this:

And Tuesday morning generally looks like this:

Last night at NCVC hills, though, I was the only woman to show up, and the nice guys who usually hold the pace back and ride easy with me weren't there.  So the "recovery ride" workout turned into a swinging dick hammerfest around the rolling hills of Arlington.  That plus the fact that the heat is worse this week than last meant I was a little extra tired.  I made sure to cool down, foam roll, stretch, ice, and eat right after the workout, but I had a pretty sleepless night which meant it was extra tough to get out the door this morning.  When I walked outside, I thought there was a heater blowing on me.  My car had 84ยบ at 5:45am.  Ugh.  I managed to get in four repeats, but if George hadn't been chasing encouraging me up the last two, I probably would have slowed down quite a bit.

To my legs: thanks for getting me through the last 12 hours.  I've sent lots of protein and good carbs down the pie hole.  Enjoy your rest and recovery!