wordless wednesday

I'm not pretty when I PR.
I guess it's actually not that much better after.
Remember?  During?
Does anyone know why my thighs look like that?  Oh, right.  Genetics.


  1. you always say how you have these huge thighs but I have seen you in a bathing suit and they are not big at all.

    well, they are muscular, but not like "whoa, check out that cheese-eatin' wine-drinkin' cupdake snortin' thunderthighs"

  2. you should put kate's caption on the back of a t-shirt, and then have an arrow pointing to the walrus in the lane next to you.

  3. remember how thankful you are that your thighs can carry you where you want to go though?? including up massive, vomit-educing hills?? :)

    But this morning at the gym I found a 'skinny' mirror that I was lifting in front of. Made my thighs look tiny - I've never been so happy.

  4. Its like you're straight off the cover of runners world :)

    And HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @katekirk That should definitely go on a shirt!

  5. Ha, INTENSE would be the word. You look intense!

    Your thighs are like that because you work out, cycle for 100 miles at a time and then go run. Duh.

  6. First off you look great. Second off I feel you. I have huge muscle lump thighs and when I sit I have a ready made lap table. Skinny jeans are my enemy (<;

  7. LOL. @comment #1---hilarious.

    I just posted pictures from my race this past weekend and couldn't stop staring at my thigh. I shrugged my shoulders and ate some cake. :) Love your blog. :)

  8. You think those look bad? You should see some of mine! I swear in a few of them I've turned mildly retarded.

  9. Hysterical photos. I really appreciate your self deprecating humor on the matter of race photography!

  10. It's a scientific fact that race photos are never gorgeous. It's just science.

  11. If you looked picture perfect while racing then you prolly weren't trying very hard.
    Concentration? Determination? That face gets you a PR!!!

  12. Oh my gosh, your thighs are freakin' hot! What are you talking about! You look so dang strong.

    Girl, you crack me up. I'm laughing the whole way though!


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