week 3: knocked it just about outta the park

Also known as, the week in which my body is finally starting to settle down.  
I don’t actually have a lot of snarky comments about this week because everything really rolled right along.  My PT approved 15 minutes of swimming, which I did with very little repercussion.  My pulled intercostal, I think, is healed or healing, and my tight lat/shoulder connector thinger is calming down.  I admittedly have been terrible about foam rolling this week, which will probably bite me in the ass at this afternoon’s PT beating, but I’ve still been consistently icing.  Even though this was a step back week on the schedule, my mileage was a slight step up because I took two rest days last week while being cranky sick.  I did my first interval workout this week, 4x800, the intention of which was to run comfortably hard and set a baseline for this training cycle.  Check.  I had another confidence-boosting tempo workout this week, running a 2x2 miles tempo and seeing splits that started with a “7” for the first time in my entire life (well, for longer than the .1 at the end of a 5K).  I’m going to wait a while longer to really analyze training with a group over the years of training I did by myself, but having a pack to work with in these workouts is making such a huge and awesome difference in both my splits and my mental game.  I didn’t hit all the cycling miles I wanted to this week, but I’m still maintaining a decent base so I’m okay with that.  
Looking ahead to this week, mileage is going to be low.  I’m going to replace the tempo with an easy run because I’m running the LTRYW 5K on Sunday.  I will likely either swim or take a complete rest day on Saturday, and I’ll do a warm-up and some cool-down miles around the 5K, but I won’t have a real long run this week.
And I’m putting it out there for everyone to see, I am standing up and shouting it loud: I am hoping for a massive PR.  I set a fantastic PR back in July (27:35) which I was thrilled with, but based on the past month or so of my training, I think I can crush it.  I’m trying not to set any solid time goals, but this is the thought in my head: there are not going to be many more opportunities in my life for me to possibly take 3+ minutes off a 5K PR.  And in the interest of not jinxing myself (because I'll be pissed if I fall down the steps Saturday night), that is really ALL I want to say about that.  
Other than that, some awesome stuff has been going on over here.  We’ve slowly but surely been working on redecorating our living room, and this weekend involved a bucket of paint and a project that I spent about 6 hours working on Saturday afternoon which involved 4 trips to craft stores (my personal hell).  I don’t have anything really ready to post yet, but I will give you this sneak peek:
We can't afford a new couch yet (more on this tomorrow), but don't worry, that clashy pink thing will soon be history.

Monday: 60 minutes lifting (L), 61 minutes/14.2M recovery trainer ride
Tuesday: 35 minutes lifting (A then @PT), 52 minutes/5.5M interval run, 50 minutes/5M pool run
Wednesday: 57 minutes lifting (L), 1:27/21.6M ride
Thursday: 35 minutes lifting (A), 53 minutes/6.2M tempo run
Friday: 15 minutes PT-approved swimming
Saturday: 55 minutes/6M long run
Sunday: 30 minutes/3.2M recovery run, 1:15 yoga
How was your weekend?  How is your training going?  Do you like puppies?


  1. All of that is well and good, but mostly your calves look killer in that pic. And the pup is super cute, per usual :) You are going to destroy that 5k this weekend! I can't wait!!!

  2. What Beth said! Excited to run with you on Sunday. That old PR is toast.

  3. Great progress on the running front Katie! I know you're going to do awesome on the 5K. I'm certainly looking to see how your home improvement projects turn out. Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend :).

    Had a good weekend, and aside from dealing with a plumbing problem on Saturday generally took it easy. Training is coming along well, though I'm needing to focus more on speed work before I get into my races this spring. And puppies are awesome :D.

    *Hopes this comment wasn't too dreadfully long*

  4. Do I have to remind you of your own official PR? It's 26:25. Not 27:35. Weirdo.

  5. Glad you had such a good week. I am excited for you to kick ass at the race this weekend.

  6. Yay for confidence-building workouts, and good luck in the race this Sunday! I'll be very interested in your insights on training with a team, as that's what I'm basically getting used to too.

  7. Don't think I'll be PRing anything on Sunday - running with a run-5K-every-six-months friend and as you know, on half an ass. But it will be fun just to pin on a number.

  8. Haha! I love how someone said your old PR is 'toast!' Way to go! I love your positive attitude. I love the puppy ( I have 4 )! and I love the rug and the paint on the wall. I can't wait to see more!

    My weekend was good. Your training blows mine out of the water! :)

  9. Good luck with setting the PR! Get after it girl :) PS your puppy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

  10. bad ass, typical.

    i like YOUR puppies. Does that count?

    and does your not getting a new couch have anything to do with a certain b-i-k-e?

  11. I love puppies and wish I had one. I always said I would get myself one for my 30th birthday, but that didn't end up happening. Maybe by 35...that gives me a few years to get my act together! :)

    Good luck this weekend at the LTRYW 5k!

  12. how the hell do you do a 5 mile pool run!?!? Am I reading that correctly??!

  13. Having more frequent minor panic attacks about "letting myself go". National training starts today, with the gym 3x a week thru race day.

  14. ummmmmm
    like to
    leave a
    saying . . . . you have great calf muscles.

  15. huzzah! yay for a good week!!!

    meanwhile i love that picture. cute dog. hot calves. perfect!

  16. Way to go! I'm always impressed the sheer amount of time you spend exercising. Almost 2 hours every single day! Amazing. I'm inspired and jealous all at the same time:)


  17. Your training schedule makes me tired just reading it. Color me VERY impressed at your drive.
    I'll be cheering you on during your race from Texas. I'm pretty loud so you might actually hear me if the wind is just right.
    And who DOESN'T love puppies? People who are dead inside, that's who.

  18. Nicely done on the week! Looking forward to seeing you at the race!

  19. Great week, can't wait to see you blow out that PR on Sunday!! :)


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