week 4: all mixed up, the non-borked version

Note: when I first posted this, comments weren't working.  Then they started working, but then a bunch of people let me know that this didn't show up in the RSS readers.  So, my apologies if you see this twice, but hopefully this one will post!
Okay, I think I’m done with the woe-is-me wallow in misery.  I can’t wallow for long anyway, I’ve got lots of races to train for, and lots more to be cranky about.
Last week was a solid week, even though I turned my training schedule on its head.  My original plan was to flip my long run and recovery run days, and to just stack up some miles after the 5K to get to 9 for the day.  I was also planning on skipping Thursday night’s tempo run in favor of an easy run.  I think it was Tuesday night after track that the lightbulb in my big fat head went on - I could do my long run on Thursday, recovery run on Friday, pool run on Saturday, and turn up to the 5K with fresh legs, but still have gotten a longer run in for the week.  It also meant I could go straight to brunch after the race without having to worry about getting more miles in after stuffing myself with waffles and whipped cream.  Win.
Looking back, this was the best way to do things.  After trying to figure out 9 different ways I could meet up with some insane girls that occasionally make bad decisions teammates to do my long run, I instead came up with running to work Thursday morning.  It’s been a while since I’ve been running at 6:30am.  My legs were heavy and it was windy and ice cold, but I got in 8 easy miles of gorgeous sunrise before 8am.  I spent the day walking around with a total badass swagger and eating everything I could get my hands on.  At least until 4pm hit and I became the crankiest wench in the district.  Don't get between me and my carbs.
I only got my new hotness out once this week, but the weather forecast for this week is ridiculously amazing and I’m going to try and get out at least twice this week, fierce wind be damned.  I only swam once last week because I woke up on Thursday with yet another ear infection (yes, I am 6 years old, thanks for asking, isn't it amazing how well I can spell for my age?), but it’s clearing up and I’m sure I’ll be in the pool this week a few times.
Continuing to make adjustments to my schedule... I’ve decided that I want to run a longer race as part of my ramp up to the National Half.  NOT to race it, but to have longer than 24:15 to walk through a practice race day.  Based on that, I’m going to do a very slow 9-11 miles for my long run this weekend, and I found a 10M race to do next weekend.  The plan is to do the first five at the pace I’ll go out in the half (TBD) and then slowly and gently slam the hammer down for the back five.  Honestly, I have no intention of trying to race the crap out of this one.  I’ve only ever run one 10M race and since Athlinks sucks doesn’t have my time, I don’t know for sure what it is, but it was definitely in the 1:53 area.  Hopefully I can scoop up another PR in the process, and if not, have another reason to eat an entire container of dark-chocolate-covered-edamame while sulking and watching really bad TV on the couch all afternoon.
Monday: 75 minutes lifting (L then at PT), 23 minutes/1000 yard swim, 1:50/31M ride
Tuesday: 40 minutes lifting (A), 54 minutes/6.05M track workout
Wednesday: 60 minutes lifting (L), 10 minutes/500 yard swim, 60 minutes/6M pool run
Thursday: 1:19/8M long run
Friday: 40 minutes lifting (A), 31 minutes/3.25M recovery run
Saturday: 70 minutes/7M pool run
Sunday: 29 minutes/3.7M run, including 5K
How was your weekend?  Did you race?  Are you happy about it, or a sullen grumpus that is never satisfied like me?


  1. I did the Virginia is for Lovers 14K - cranky wrenched, against-medical-advice ankle and all. And it was beautiful. My goal of running every race I've signed up for is one race short of being complete!! :)

  2. Where do I get these dark chocolate covered edamame you speak of?!?!?!

    Oh and solid week... but really about this edamame!!!! ;)

  3. No racing for me yet, though I got in my first long run since the Accidental Army 10 Miler last fall, and it went great!
    Do you think you'll truly be able to use a race as "just a training run"? I can never stop myself from hammering when the finish line is within a mile ...
    I'm signed up for a 50K in 10 days, but think I may try to wiggle out after halfway. It's one good thing about loop courses!


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