random friday facts

1. I sleep with one leg sticking out from under the covers, but I have to have the blankets pulled up over my shoulders or I will just freak out.

2. I really really really despise touch typing.  I turn on autocorrect, but it pisses me off, so I turn it off, and then all my texts & emails are completely illegible.  

3. I always use fabric softener or the laundry detergent with fabric softener inside.  I don't like the smell of clean clothes without it.

4. Unread email messages in my inbox makes me itchy.  But getting new emails makes me happy and excited.

5. I have Burt's Beeswax chapstick in about 34 places: car, purses, desk, computer bag, saddle bag on my bike, iFitness belt, everywhere.  

6. I am thinking about selling my motorcycle to help pay for my new bike because I've only ridden it once in the past year.  

7. I ate about 1/2lb of fresh grated parmesan cheese last night on my pizza slices.  This is not out of the ordinary.

8. I've tried to cut back on the cussing in print a bit, but if the word "fuck" offends you, you probably won't enjoy most of the rest of my blog, anyway.  And you should definitely never do a tempo workout with me.

9. I am overly sensitive to bad smells.  The poet has no sense of smell.  This often equals disaster.

10. I have awful eyesight.  Something like -11 and -13 plus astigmatism.  I've been evaluated 3 times for laser eye surgery, and every time they say, "Well, we could make it a little better, but you'd still need glasses and/or contacts all the time.  Try again in a few years."  Technology can make a computer that you can slide under a door and I can update Twitter at 25,000 feet, but we still can't fix my eyes?

11. Shiraz was the first kind of wine I ever loved.

12. Having 2 dogs, I now understand why parents have favorite children.

13. I don't care about Valentine's Day at all.  I don't love it or rage against it, I just don't care.  Although I do like those delicious little candy hearts.

14. I wish I had different teeth.

15. I hate my dishwasher.

16. I always send thank you notes.  Sometimes really late, but they always go.

17. From where I am sitting, I can see 11 scented candles.  Seriously, I have a problem.

18. I wish I had screen doors.

19. If I won the lottery, I'd be one of those boring people that lived off the interest and kept working.  But I would definitely redecorate, and take some amazing vacations.

20. I like gel toothpaste better than paste toothpaste. 

Hey, let's turn it around.  Tell me some random facts about yourself in the comments.  I love random!  I HATE AWKWARD.


  1. Thats BS, if you really hated awkward we would never have become friends :)

    And yeah, V-day, don't care at all. Wish it would just kind of go away.

  2. I love your random Friday posts... one random thing about me... I NEED to have a pillow to throw an arm around. Once Spike is alseep I even sneak it between us. I can't help it, I was single for so long and slept between two pillows!!! Spike calls "building my fort." :)

  3. #9 creates disaster in our house too. The tall girl says I have the nose of a bloodhound. And now we actually have hounds, and yes, I have a favorite.

  4. I have no taste buds (or at least, very few). I enjoy the texture of food, but all the subtleties are lost on me.

  5. Totally agree on 19 and 20 :). Random stuff about me: I'm not really Amish (no, really, it's true!) and I don't know how to swim (but would like to learn if not too old).

  6. #6 - I stopped Tom from selling his Harley when we first got together, but 2 years later, it went because he figured the cost of storing/payment put the 5 times we rode it that year $700 each. I think motorcycles aren't for endurance athletes.

    #7 - THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE USING FRESH PARMESAN NOW AND NOT THAT CRAP IN THE CAN. I think our friendship is headed for the next level now. :D And I fully condone the amount of cheese you are consuming.

    Random facts about me:

    I'm a total putzer.
    Squeaky windshield wipers drive me insane.
    I am either all into my running/workouts or I'm a lazy blob.
    I own snowshoes, a road bike, an old beater mountain bike with hybrid tires, and a kayak.
    I need white noise to sleep at night.
    I desperately wish I lived in a place where I could keep bees.
    Garlic scape pesto is the most amazing thing on crackers even if I do wake up in the middle of the night with my gums throbbing from eating such copious amounts of it.
    One of the best feelings in the world is riding your bike on a hot summer night.

  7. I drank Shiraz for the first time last night, in my never-ending attempt to appreciate Red wine. :) (and I had to go double-check that it was indeed a Shiraz...)

    I'm insanely jealous/sad that D is in DC right now and I'm not (granted, for work, but STILL).

    And I think you would feel differently about #15 if you had no dishwasher! As my dishes sit dirty in the sink...ugh. ;)

    Happy weekend!

  8. We have the same mint chocolate whatevs candle.

    I tried on my swimsuit today and it made me sad.

    I eat breakfast around 11 AM during the work week.

    If I get a car, I am most excited about the easy access to Trader Joe's. TRADER JOE'S!!!!

  9. What type of motorcycle is it? specifics, Tim's itching to get a Harley.
    I really dislike the touch keyboard on my phone too & I have Chapstick everywhere!
    You do not want to know the things I can smell!

  10. So with you with #1. My hubby thinks I'm insane.

  11. haha I love that we both had random Friday Posts! Unread emails also make me crazy, however I currently have over 1000 unread messages in my personal email! BLA! Stupid email lists overwhelming me. Have a great weekend!

  12. I have no feeling in my left hand...I was running to class and tripped and fell and the 1/4 inch thick glass bottle of POM I had in my hand exploded through my hand. This was almost 4 years ago...the doctor says it will take about 7-9 years to get feeling back because nerves regrow at like 1 millimeter a year.

    My new roommate has 2 cats. I definitely have a favorite.

    I'm the same way about sheets as you are except with my arms....no matter how cold I am, I have to keep my arms outside the covers.

    Happy Friday <3

  13. I hate my dishwasher too and it's a really good one! Most annoying. Cussings fine with me! Love a good shiraz.

  14. 6) do it! I'm sure you're a badass on the motorcycle, but there's something poetic about selling your bike to fund your bike. Plus, I try to be practical and using it once a week is not a good investment.

    10) I've NEVER met anyone with worse eyesight than me! Yay! You have delighted me. I'm -9.0 in both & developing astigmatism in one. Thanks for making me day. :)

    17) What are your favorite candle scents? I love anything vanilla or nutty. I absolutely love almond but that's not a common candle scent.

    Since you asked for random.. the first time I really smelled almond and realized it reminded me of memories and was something I loved was a lotion at a hotel in Cancun back in 2003. I was vacationing with my family and couldn't figure out what the smell was for *years*. I kept the lotion and refused to use it until I could figure it out. It took me until 2007 to figure out that it was almond. I needed a small bottle with a dropper to hold acid for a field class and finally found something that would work at Michael's. It was a bottle of sweet almond scent for soap that I planned on emptying. BAM - hit by the almond scent and my 5 year quest came to a conclusion. Fascinating stuff, eh?

    19) same here..

  15. How did I not know you had a motorcycle? You're a badass.
    Please don't stop cursing. I curse a lot too and fear that one day I will have kids and they will get sent home on the first day of school because they picked up my potty mouth.

  16. I also have bad eyesight, but not as bad as yours. And I wish I had a dishwasher to hate. I think I would cook more fancy things that use lots of pots and pans (or at least that's what I tell myself).

    I didn't get on a plane until I was 18. And I've never been to Disney World.

  17. I like the random friday posts! I might steal this idea :)

    Some randoms about me:

    I cant/wont eat chicken if I know its been previouly frozen.

    I love cheese...I can eat a whole wheel of brie to myself.

    I miss my dog on the lips and I dont even care :)

    I was on the USA junior olympic luge team from when I was 15-18.

  18. Fun post!! You seem like a reasonable person.

  19. First time to your blog- so much of this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can relate SO much. especially...
    1. I sleep with one leg sticking out from under the covers, but I have to have the blankets pulled up over my shoulders or I will just freak out.

    I DO THIS TOO!!! And I pull the covers like right under my chin, haha
    4. Unread email messages in my inbox makes me itchy. But getting new emails makes me happy and excited.
    I LOVE getting new emails, I love an organized inbox!

    7. I ate about 1/2lb of fresh grated parmesan cheese last night on my pizza slices. This is not out of the ordinary.
    If I could give up cheese I would be 20 pounds thinner, haha

    9. I am overly sensitive to bad smells. The poet has no sense of smell. This often equals disaster.

    ME TOO! My hubby always says I have an ultra-sensitive nose. I think he just cant smell what I can smell : ) haha

  20. 1. I was valedictorian of my high school, but I always feel like everyone is smarter than me.

    2. My best memories from childhood are of kicking butt on swim team.

    3. I am a dual citizen: U.K. and U.S.

    4. I share my name with a famous Welsh artist: Ceri Richards.

    5. Whenever I buy a new book, I smell it. I love the smell of new books.

  21. I've been lurking here for awhile, and I love your blog.

    1. I have a hard time sleeping if I don't floss before I go to bed.

    2. I hate coffee, but I can't live without a couple of cups of tea each day.

    3. I'm a recent convert to Zinfandel, but really, if I'm going to pay more than $3 for a drink, I'd rather just have a Guinness.

  22. I love your candid *thoughtlets* it's....refreshing. You're freakin' hillarious GF...glad twitter connected us ;-)
    ~Mistress H #Bikeschool

  23. Mmm, I love to run by a house and can smell the fabric softener when they are doing laundry. Good smells.
    Random fact: We have 2 light switches in our hallway. Er, my hallway. They control the same light. My husband was fanatical about making sure both of them were in the correct UP or DOWN position at all times. So, if you turned the light on at one end of the hall, you had to turn if OFF at the same end.

    I now go out of my way to make sure they ARE NOT in the correct positions and DO NOT match each other. It's a control thing. :o) My hallway now!

  24. My inbox currently houses 117 unread emails. I get a lot of emails, and often can't be arsed to read them.

    I am currently deeply unmotivated about running, but I have the London Marathon in two months.

    I'm sooooo tired...

    I love the movie The Station Agent.

    And The Man From Earth.

    That is all.


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