random friday facts

1. I watched the first episode of "Secret Life of An American Teenager" last weekend.  Big mistake.  Huge.  It's awful and I can't look away from the blood-letting.

2. I'm taking a fake rest day.  24 hours, no exercise.  So what if it's 9am - 9am?  It's still 24 hours off.

3. I always wait about 9 days too long to go back for a bikini wax.

4. I took a shower every day this week (M-T-W-R).  Huge fail.

5. I guess this is "random facts about this week."

6. I just finished reading the Harry Potter books backwards.  

7. I finally started reading "Racing Weight" and my body is 100% the body of the "cyclist."  Well, crap.

8. I'm starving all the time, I'm exhausted, my legs are totally beat up, and I'm only training for a half marathon plus a half IM.  What happens when I train for a full?

9. I'm thrilled to have legs that are totally beat up from running.

10. I don't like reading books on the iPad, I need to touch the pages.

11. Making an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies when I'm this hungry and cranky was not a very good idea.

12. I haven't been back on the trainer since I last rode outside, I just about can't bear it.  Damn you, sunshine!

13. I clean the kitchen counters at least 7 times a day.

14. I plugged my new 5K PR into the McMillian calculator and have been staring at the 13.1 estimated race time all week.  I don't want to talk about it.

15. I now own 4 different cheese graters.

16. My feet don't match.

17. I'm a huge suck-up to teachers, coaches, bosses, etc.

18. I only have one pair of dress pants that fit, and I wear them every week to the office.

19. I brush my teeth before I eat breakfast.

20. I'm basically a hermit.  I only leave my house for exercise-related purposes.

21. Somehow I've turned into a person that loves to cook.  I like it.

Your turn!  Leave me some random facts about you, I really enjoyed last week's facts!


  1. Can I read Racing Weight after you? I've heard so much about it now. I'm curious!!

    And I'm taking a 24 hour rest day today too. No lunchtime lifting, I don't think my legs can do it.

  2. I don't want to know about racing weight...it will just make me feel fat.

  3. Your feet don't match?! That sounds problematic...

    When you're training for a FULL, you'll have this half-trained base and be totally ready for it. YUP. ;)

  4. Here's a random Friday fact for you. I'm so out of it I thought this was Beth's blog. I was confused that she was reading Racing Weight and that she was training for a half marathon. It wasn't until I got to the iPad that I realized it was you. Also I'm sitting in my office wearing my PT clothes. I slept in this shirt. Who's good at life?

  5. My random friday facts: I tried not showering after a run, and at first was ok with it, then HATED it. Can't do it, felt like I smelled like a homeless person ;)

    I'm also training for a half marathon, and HIM, and am worried that my legs aren't beat up enough! I go too slow!

  6. freaking

    love this post.

  7. McMillan and I are not friends. None of my times line up with the calculator. Maybe this means I need to train harder, or train more, or don't push myself enough in longer races. Or despite having no idea who I am, he just doesn't like me...

  8. Show McMillan the door! Totally get the non-trainer thing. It's hard once you've tasted reality. Racing Weight would depress me right now.

    So glad you are able to run and be tired from it too!

  9. I know what you mean about being over the moon about having post-run soreness in the legs. Addictive!

    When you train for your full, you'll be taking more/some/real rest days. And you'll be shocked at how much you have in those legs as a result.

    Hurrah for sunshine and weather suited for cycling!! I'm not going to be able to resist another test ride for much longer.

  10. 1. I love pickled onions but HATE pickled cucumbers. Get it off my plate!

    2. I became a vegetarian in 1993 because I wanted to lose weight. Somehow it stuck with me.

    3. I love Coke Classic from a cold can.

    4. I used to smoke but quit ~10 years ago when we decided to have our kid.

    5. My swim team nickname was Bubbles.

  11. I always love your random facts. :)

  12. 19. I brush my teeth before I eat breakfast.

    I do too. And after. And about 15 other times per day. whenever I want to procrastinate, I brush my teeth.

  13. *I went through a phase when I was younger where I only ate: apples, yogurt, and creamy peanut butter.

    *As a result of the above, my grandmother gave me a jar of peanut butter and a spoon for my HS graduation present. :-)

    *I learned to speak Vernacular (language of the Accra region in Ghana) when working at a job where English was only used with customers (Spanish and Vernacular were the in-house languages).

    *I have lived in 3 of the 4 commonwealths (no plans for Kentucky in the near future).

    *My senior skip day fell on Groundhog's Day. A group of kids drove there, and were busted for being on the news!

  14. Don't let the McMillan calculator get you down, it is rarely 100% accurate. Most people are geared more towards either the short or long distances.

    I totally want to read Racing Weight!

  15. UGH If I read racing weight it's going to say I'm obese! Making cookies when you are cranky is ALWAYS a great idea :)

  16. Being a suck-up made for a great Thursday morning!

    I also think there's no better feeling than starving all the time with heavily trained legs. When I don't feel that way I'd say I'm not working hard enough.

    And, Liz, you're describing 4 out of 5 work days for me. Maybe staying at my house is rubbing off on you?

  17. Racing Weight - yesssss! I just wish it had specific nutrition plans.
    SLAT - warning, you already know that it's addictive, but it get craaaazee pretty quickly!

  18. I loved reading these random facts. Feels like I know you more! :) haha

    Here are some for me...

    1) The first race I ever ran was the Boston Marathon
    2) My favorite foods are beans and wine and sometimes I think that should be the name of my blog
    3) I still sleep with the TeddY Bear I received when I was born (his name is Berry)
    4) I've been dating my boyfriend since we were 12 (sick I know, haha)
    5) I have a scary obsession with coffee

  19. I love your blog. You are so random (my kids would say). I absolutely hate coffeee. I make all kids of funny or distorted faces drinking the crap - yet I still drink it!

  20. I read most of my magazines backwards. Weird?

  21. 1. I sleep with my dogs in my bed (one beagle under the covers)

    2. I eat all day. I'm like an eating machine

    3. I have a Britney Spears song on my Ipod

    4. I pick my nose blatantly at my computer

    5. There is a hole in the crotch of my favorite running tights

    haha! Awesome post. Your blog is just so fun to read!

  22. Well, where to begin? I think I might have to come up with such fun things for my blog. On a lazy training note, I'm doing a full marathon on 2-3 runs per week and no cross training. It's working for me, so far. But I am constantly knackered thanks to the demands of work and life, coupled with training AND fundraising.

    Hmmmm. I am going to post on weight now, methinks.


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