week 6: not enough eating

There were a lot of great things about this week, but I think the best thing about it is that it's over.  Not because it was bad, but because my training was rearranged into two back-to-back high volume weeks, and I'm wiped.  Now it's time to cut everything back and let my body get strong; while it's doing that, I'm going to go take a nap.

I rode the success of last week's long run pretty far into the week.  Monday I managed to get out on my bike for an easy-paced 40 miles - the longest ride of my training cycle so far.  I didn't bring enough nutrition and it rained on me for 30 minutes, but it was a great ride.  However, I didn't eat enough during the ride or after, which dumped me into a calorie deficit that I was still trying to get out of when track rolled around Tuesday evening.  My legs felt great but my stomach was in full sloshing revolt and 800s were on the schedule.  I worked my way steadily through, doing 8x800 and hitting them all in a 5-second window that averaged 3:41, but when I was done, I was DONE.  I still didn't manage to eat enough Tuesday night and after floating and paddling through a pool run Wednesday morning, I declared Wednesday a day of rest, food and wine.  I felt a million times better by Thursday evening and smashed my 4M tempo run, missing my goal time by 1 second but being incredibly thrilled about getting the longer tempo distance.  My plan for the next 4 weeks is to very carefully use the tempo run as a race pace run, and train my brain to be ready to run this for miles 9-13.1 of the National Half.  

And I had another huge confidence booster of a long run on Saturday, 14 miles that I ended up doing completely alone.  I was pretty frustrated and upset for quite a few reasons in the first three miles - all of which were far slower than my long run pace window - but I managed to mentally slap myself and turn things around, finishing out the 14 with another 4 race pace miles that weren't quite as fast as the tempo on Thursday evening, but an incredibly satisfying 8:54, 8:20, 7:44, 7:40.  I'm really struggling mentally with the long slow runs right now.  I'm having trouble trusting the fact that by running these runs 1-1:30MM slower than my goal pace, I'll be ready for race day.  I understand the logic and the math and I've watched other runners work through this, but I haven't yet seen the effects of it on my own body, and I'm scared.  My main goal is, as always, to show up at the start line healthy and whole. That said, I'm trying to rough out some time goals for the race without setting myself up for a huge disappointment on a day that I should be letting off fireworks and balloons.  All I can do right now is trust in the training and have faith in the fact that the formula works.  Faith, not fear.

Monday: 70 minutes lifting (L), 2:33, 40.25M cycling
Tuesday: 45 minutes lifting (A), 1:09/7.8M track workout, including 8x800
Wednesday: 60 minutes/6M pool "run" but actually a rest day
Thursday: 45 minutes lifting (A), 54 minutes/6.1M tempo run
Friday: 60 minutes lifting (L), 31 minutes/1600yd easy swim
Saturday: 2:10/14.1M long run
Sunday: 42 minutes/4.1M recovery run, 75 minutes yoga

How was your week of training?  Are you getting close to your A spring races?  Can you help calm my ruffled little brow about the long slow training runs?


  1. Nah, my week got shafted by a hurty back. I did one 3.5 miler. Should be okay to go out tomorrow though, so we begin again... Marathon only six weeks or so away!

  2. um, SLOW finishing a 14 mile run with neg splits under 8mm? Shut up and enjoy it!

  3. Long runs are not for speed. That is accomplished in tempo and interval runs. You know you are putting in the work. Trust your training plan!

  4. Faith, not Fear. I like that. I'm stealing that. :)

    Great week girl, tough or not, you did it! The slower long run is tough to stick too but it's never failed me yet! Keep up the good work and enjoy cut back week!

  5. It is amazing how much food can affect your training....you never realize until it hits you like that.
    I usually run my long runs like 30 seconds slower than my goal pace, but thats without worrying about pace too much. I think it would be hard for me too to go 1 minute below.

  6. Faith! You ran sub-goal time at the end of a long run LONGER than your race. You are going to kick ass!!!!!!!!

  7. I don't like that I was part of the cause of the frustration, but I LOVE that you turned the run around and absolutely killed it! I'd like to take some mental toughness lessons from you!

  8. Killer Katie. My philosophy on long runs is to trust in doing them at a slower pace, but to mix in some speed like you did-4 miles at goal pace, negative splitting or adding a short tempo into it.

    And, foooooood. Can't. Get. Enough.

  9. Awesome job on the 14 miler by yourself!

    With regard to long slow distance, I am a huge believer in it -- in training for each of my half-marathons, I did my long runs at easy pace -- about 2:30 slower than I ran my half-marathons.

    Here's another way to think about it. You have multiple components that go into a race performance,and you train each separately, and then assemble them together on race day. The long run is ONE of those components (speed work and tempos are others).

    If you're running your long run at race pace, then you're underperforming in your races.

  10. You have nice solid training under your belt now and you are going to be really well prepped for National! Can't wait to see the results.

  11. I don't have a race scheduled til the middle of April. I wish I had something sooner because without a clear cut goal I lack motivation.

  12. You look ready for National!! awesome training Katie!! I like the idea of mixing in faster miles during your LSD runs--mimics tired legs on race day.

  13. dude, those last four miles were LIGHTNING fast! seriously woman, you are killing it!

  14. I will ditto everything Cristina said. I don't want to make the long run something that I don't look forward to. It's daunting enough without turning it into a race effort. Hopefully you feel better today.

  15. NO worries girl, your long runs are SUPPOSED to be slow. You're building endurance, not speed. That's what all the track work is for!
    I can't believe you are already at 14 miles. You are doing GREAT! So pleased that your are feeling so strong! Woo to the hoo!


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