wordless wednesday

I spent a while looking through photos, trying to figure out what to post, and really came up with nothing.  I'm all lame in February.  Sorry.  Right now my life is basically this:
none of this:
some of this:
a lot of this:
and desperately missing this:
I'll try and cook something delicious or go somewhere interesting this weekend.  Invite me over, I'll get drunk on your booze and make snarky MST3K-type comments for the duration of the Super Bowl, I'm a perfect guest.  Also, I might have had a cupcake relapse.  


  1. MOLLY! Sorry, I'm obsessed.

    I want outside running NOW. I am so not digging this bullshit weather. I'm going to do a sundance every night before I go to bed. I encourage you to join me.

  2. Hahahah - I like the smooching picture and comment. Hey, it's a great activity in the winter, right?

  3. I miss biking outside too. The trainer is a great option, but not even close to the same.

  4. I'd give anything for the snow to be gone and to ride outside. I'll be celebrating the day that's possible!

  5. can you send me some of that lasagna for breakfast?? om nom nom.

  6. The "none of this" photo made me laugh, as that's the case with me and swimming more often than not. But now that it's the ONLY thing I can do ... let's do maybe a little bit of this!

  7. Still looks like you've been up to quite a bit even if you don't think so. Loving all the schmoopy! :)

  8. I won't mention that it was 68, sunny and clear today. I promise, I won't ;)
    Come on over to my superbowl party. Wait, I'm not having one, but if you came over I would! Miss you!!!


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